The BlogCatalog Appreciation Day Barbecue

In the list of obscure holidays, "BlogCatalog Appreciation Day" has to be up there as among the most obscure. You know, somewhere along with "Left-Handed Pitchers' Day", "Let's All Eat Cheese Day" and "Take Your Marmot to Work Day."

But as a blogger, BlogCatalog-- its blog directory and discussion boards-- has actually done quite a lot for me for almost two years now. So it seemed only appropriate-- now that it's getting its own day and all -- to spread the word about why I've appreciated it.

  • It's a place you can carry on a discussion with a panda, an incontinent aardvark, a championship race horse, assorted monkeys, a girl with a bra on her head, a ninja, a baby, a deceased rooster, and a gaggle of cartoon characters, all at the same time, and not actually be institutionalized.

  • Cabbages was born of a BlogCatalog discussion thread, where a brainstorming moment aloud turned from "Why?" into "Why not?" Also, the fact that one of the people I had the discussion with is a lawyer, and thereby is skilled at the Jedi Mind Trick.

  • BlogCatalog meant I was able to go from pretending to write for people reading, to people actually reading.

  • When I screw up something on my blog, chances are someone else has screwed that up on their blog first-- and a third person will know how to fix it.

  • On 08/08/08, when fans of numerology were predicting the "End of the World As We Know It," we felt just as fine as Michael Stipe-- because we'd already gotten the scoop on the Lack of World Ending in India from a sarcastic pink teddybear, and the dish on the England situation from a mad British doodler. All within moments.

  • I learned through the discussion boards that many, many of us have Clown Fear. And I even got to discuss it with a guy who was a professional clown. This is cheap therapy.

  • I now know more invisible people than I do real ones. And, again, my friends actually aren't considering institutionalizing me... Well, not for that, anyway.

  • I learn about all the latest social media applications I'm never going to use-- but at least I know why I don't want to use them.

So these are just a few reasons I've enjoyed hanging out at BlogCatalog. And also the fact that I've met many, many of you good folks there.

But in case you're a blogger-type-person and you haven't yet joined BC, you might want to consider it, and tap into all the merriment, marketing, mayhem, and other marvelous things that may or may not start with the letter "m."

And otherwise, here's some virtual grilled meat or veggies of your choice. Potato chips-- crisps for my British friends-- are over there... Tim Horton's donuts for my Canadian chums.... Mani, just because it's Belgian beer, doesn't mean you get to drink it all. Daniel's bringing the pizza. Everyone's welcome. Grab a plate and heap it high.

We expect the table-top dancing to start at noon. So put on your dancin' shoes.

If you enjoy this blog, vote for Of Cabbages and Kings posts over at Because we all know that the RSS feed won't have picked up THIS post for another day.


Anonymous said...

Hurrah for BC! I would also encourage non-blogging readers to head on over as it's a great source for new and interesting blogs!

*helps self to crisps and Hortons donuts. And beer.*

Unknown said...

Tiggy- Woo-hoo! Thanks for coming. The other guests should be along soon. And the virtual burgers and hot-dogs are just about ready. You an mix yourself a mojito over there. :)

Kelly Ann said...

Now I have got to get some of that Tater salad, after all Idaho taters are the best! What a great post for today. :)

Unknown said...

I thought a few of you Idahoians... er, Idahoites... Er...

People from the Great State of Potatoes

...would enjoy that. Here's a plate, Chica. And a fork.

Da Old Man said...

Happy Blogcatalog Day to you. Great BBQ. I brought some tomatoes from NJ for you, as I was sure you miss them. Want some pork roll to put on the grill?

Anonymous said...

Where's the watermelon? Think I'll have myself some tater salad too.

Unknown said...

DaOldMan- Ah, thanks for those excellent Jersey home-grown virtual tomatoes-- I do miss them. Slap that pork roll on the grill and pull up a lounge chair, Joe! :)

Chyna- Right over there by the ambrosia salad and the scary Jell-O molds. :) Thanks for joining in the fun!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wonderful words you have written about BlogCatalog.
Lots of fun and loving people in our community, that's for sure!

Unknown said...

BlogCatalog- My pleasure. I wouldn't have met half the folks I have otherwise. And my feed would still be messed up because a fellow BC-er discovered it when I didn't see it. That's invaluable in and of itself!

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm going to head over to have a look, because I've never been there, but before I do, hand me a large bottle of wine and a corkscrew. The only way I can drink these days in Virtually. ;)

Meg said...

Looks like the food and drinks are covered. I'll bring the tunes.

And I think everyday is "Let's All Eat Cheese Day" in Wisconsin.

Greg said...

Oh, it's a picnic! What fun...I'd have brought a nice big bowl of cherry tomatoes from the Midnight Garden, but I ate them all before I heard anything about this whole business.

Still better late than never, especially if there's mojitos and beer!

Unknown said...

Jay- Ah, excellent! At least listing your blog in the directory would be a good idea-- it gets quite a bit of traffic. And am passing the wine along to you... Enjoy!

Meg- Excellent- we could use a bit of music. Crotchety and Chica have been table-top dancing since noon, and frankly, their humming their own accompaniment is starting to annoy me. :)

Greg- Well, Crotchety brought tomatoes anyway, so it's just good you brought yourself.

Chaffee Street Cafe` said...

Jenn, Good post!

I already ate some fried chicken breast nuggets already. Are there any deviled eggs and Cola?

P.S. I polished off the last of my BD cake and still have a scoop of vanilla ice-cream for later on.

@ "Sleeping Kitten - Dancing Dog!"

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your post and the comments too. Let's raise a toast to all BC members and let the merriment begin. :)

Anonymous said...

I know it's the next day and everybody's gone home bloated and full of beer, well, especially Meg, but I wanted to drop by and let you know I'll be off to check BlogCatalog some more later today. Now with this, and, I don't know how I'll have any kind of a real life.

Re: The clown fear. My wife can definitely relate to that one. Myself? Not so much. But The Wife, definitely.

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Is this Blog Catalog Day?!? OMG...I didn't know! Well, those cupcakes look DOUBLE-D DELICIOUS! And they're chocolate - my favorite! I just added ya to my bloggy roll. xoxo

Unknown said...

Theresa- Deviled eggs are right next to the pasta salad, and cola's with the other beverages-- feel free to help yourself! And PS- hope you had yourself a great birthday.

Timethief-- Here, here!! Slainte! Skal! And Cheers!

Unfinished- Oh, this party could easily go all weekend-- you know how bloggers are! :) Tell your wife I totally understand about the clown fear.

Olga- Heh, I KNEW you would get the cupcake pun, as you are one very smart piece of lingerie. :) I will add you to mine as well-- I'm afraid I'm always a bit slow on getting around to those things.

Alice said...

I'm here briefly...I heard there were doughnuts.

Miss you already and it's been what...three days?

Unknown said...

Alice- Glad to have you here-- doughnut for you, and there's coffee over there. :)

Your blog is a part of my regular weekday routine and your being gone for a while will mean there's a big ol' void in the day!