The Curious Case of Mary Ann at Kirkus Reviews

I'm so pleased to announce that my most recent novel, The Curious Case of Mary Ann, got a rather frabjous evaluation from Kirkus Reviews this week. You can check out the review in its entirety here:

One excerpt I'm particularly tickled with....

Also, calling it a "demented but internally consistent detective story" was pretty awesome, too. Little did the reviewer know, those are basically goals for all my stories. And daily life. Definitely daily life.

Anyway, I figured I'd share the good news. I'm currently writing my next novel, a work-in-progress set in the Greater Communicating Universe featuring my There Goes the Galaxy alumnus Rollie. (There'll be other characters regular readers will know, as well.) If you Like my pages on Facebook--

--You can see non-spoilery excerpts and regular news on the new book. I'm currently on chapter three.

I also have an audiobook coming out for The Curious Case of Mary Ann. I'm eagerly anticipating that, and that should be out either at the end of this month or early October.

So that's about it from me. Hope you guys are all doing well and that the first day of Autumn is treating you kindly.