Lost Braincells and Alien Abductee Tweeting

"So, what have you been doing lately?" you ask, since I obviously have been highly blog-negligent. "Well," I respond, "a mix of tasks that are entirely too boring for a humor blog, EXCEPT for two things. One is I've been working on the sequel to my novel There Goes the Galaxy. And the other is, I've been obsessing over a song I can't remember.

Probably more of Item B than A, too, if I were honest.

So maybe you peeps can help put me out of my misery. About 1:40 in to the Flight of the Conchords song in the video above there's this chorus of a few notes that I KNOW came from some other song. One that I think was popular in the 70s, was moody, reflective and sad (of the Cat's in the Cradle type genre) and for the life of me, I DO NOT KNOW WHAT IT IS. It's been driving me nuts. I mentioned it on Facebook and while I got some great suggestions, they weren't the songs.

So I thought I'd open it up here. Remember: not the whole song. Just 1:40 in.

Amusingly, one of my Facebook folks suggested there was a phone app where you could sing notes of a song and it would give matches for it. I downloaded it immediately and sang the melody several times. As there's really nothing but "Ahhhhhhhs" by way of lyrics, I felt it didn't exceed my reach.

And according to the app the apparent close matches to the folky-sad song I am thinking must be:

Sun of Jamaica, by the Goombay Dance Band!

Um, no.

So before I leave you folks today, I had one last little bit of news I wanted to mention. 

For those of you who have read or are reading There Goes the Galaxy, you might be interested in knowing the tale's leading man, Bertram Ludlow, seems to have opened himself a Twitter account and is trying to help us people of Earth. It appears he's giving advice on what to do in case of alien abduction and how to succeed in the Greater Communicating Universe. You can Follow him at: https://twitter.com/#!/BertramLudlow

You never know when you might need tips like that. In fact, now I wonder if the reason I can't identify this friggin' song is because of some missing memories due to alien abduction?

Have a great weekend, folks!