Warning: Mad Beeper is Loose

My normally-pasty face flushed the kind of rich red that tomatoes want in a hot summer fashion. A buzzer sounded with nasty, tattle-tale glee.

The store worker rushed over to confront the issue. Soon a puzzled frown creased his brow, as logic set in. Wasn't I entering, not leaving? People didn't shoplift before they came into a store, did they?

And as he stood, lips trying to mold the right question, I explained. Explained the way I had at Kohls.

And at Target.

And at Barnes and Noble.

(It was a busy day.)

I explained that I am The Mad Beeper. And (regrettably) I cannot be stopped.

See, this is my accessory to disruption. Or rather, something in it is, since my mysterious Beeptasticness has followed me through two entirely separate handbags.

Oh, I have turned this particular handbag inside out like a frog in seventh grade biology. I have examined its guts. I now know its polyester and vinyl soul.

I have brought in an elite team of trained security tag sniffing animals. (Okay, my cat Alice, but she's very thorough.)

And as far as I can tell, there is no special sensor lurking as a part of this bag.

Which means, I have stowaway object, plotting my perpetual, so public embarrassment. I just haven't pinned down the perp yet.

I look accusingly at my lipstick, and it pouts at the injustice.

I eye the remote control to the gate of my office, but it remains unmoved.

I try to push my cell phone's buttons, in hopes of a confession, but it drops my signals.

Somewhere, within the satin blend lining of Kathy VanZeeland pastel snickers the source of my continued humiliation. And I will find it.

Oh, I will root it out.

Until then, I can only ask that my innocent appearance continue to serve me well... that any frisking be fleeting... and if not, that the security guards be mightily cute.

Cat Alarm Operational Instructions

Congratulations on your purchase of this finely crafted Cat Alarm, (10 pound, shorthaired white van model). We hope you will enjoy its exquisite functionality and streamlined style.

Your Cat Alarm will go off each day-- no need to set it; it is entirely self-setting.

Upon going off, the alarm will subsequently need to recharge using meat-based Kibble(tm) charging dock. (Sold separately)

You may expect your Cat Alarm to operate according to the following preset phases, assuring a timely wakeup each day, possibly several hours before you even need to rise:

  1. Gentle purring motor and Nuzzle(tm) motion 
  2. Level two Headbutt(tm) technology 
  3. Runaway locomotive racing action 
  4. Close proximity "purr blast" capabilities 
  5. Snuggle on-head wake-up features 
  6. Single claw to the cranium final phase mode 

We hope you and your handcrafted Cat Alarm will enjoy many years of efficient wake-up calls.

With Apologies to Edgar Allen Poe

The Sabre

Once upon a driveway weedy
Narrow, hilly, grass gone seedy
Sat neglected in the queue o'er many an indoor chore
Came a neighbor's Buick Sabre
Parked in haste and without labor
Parked across my driveway, right across my driveway's weedy floor
"Crikey! K-turns are a bore!"

But leaving, I did do that K-turn
Thinking that the lady'd learn,
Would at some point begin to learn
Just what the yellow curb is for
But then that evening and another
The same red Sabre, this same mother
(Of two children), she went blocking
Blocking my car's exit door
"Look-- at least two feet or more!"

So I began some heavy plotting
And quite soon I started jotting
Down a note, reminders gentle, courtesy I would implore
But as I wrote, the Rage said, "See here:
You've lived in this spot for years.
She's often seen you parking, parking up this driveway's weedy floor
It's a fact she just ignores."
And here my kindly note, I tore.

But funny thing, as I was leaving
This next day, and still quite seething
At the lack of care for others shown in this one woman's moor
On the side of the red Sabre, SOMEONE ELSE felt need to labor
Keying down the starboard side like nothing I had seen before.
Seems I was only one upon her blind and blustery tour.
Quoth Lady Karma,"I keep score."

Car's Stick Figure People Exterminated Through Dalek Invasion

Not a molecule of that stick figure family left!

This was a photo I took this morning driving into work. I think I made the driver a little paranoid as he/she looked in the rearview, but paranoia is the price one must pay when your car flair is entertaining and Doctor Who-centric.