The Curious Case of Mary Ann Receives Favorable Review in Lewis Carroll Society Journal

Greetings, frabjous folkses! Now that I had a moment I wanted to share with you some amazing news. My Wonderland murder mystery, The Curious Case of Mary Ann, was recommended by the reviewer in the May edition of The Lewis Carroll Review, the reviewing journal of the Lewis Carroll Society!

To say, I'm both honored and delighted is an understatement!

If you'd like to check out the review, you can see it online here! (Mary Ann is on pages 17 and 18.)

If you're interested in a copy of The Curious Case of Mary Ann of your very own, you can snag it on Amazon in the countries Amazon serves in ebook, paperback or audiobook forms. (The link for the US one is here: )

I'm currently working on the next book in Mary Ann's adventures. I'm also working on the next humorous sci-fi book in the Greater Communicating Universe, a space caper following the exploits of my character, Rollie Tsmorlood.

That said, what I am still doing here? I have lots of work to do! --Jenn

99 Cent All the Things! Humorous Sci-Fi and Fantasy Ebooks on Sale

Heya, folkses! I decided to put all my e-books on sale for just $0.99 now through this Sunday. So if you’re missing a book or two in the There Goes the Galaxy trilogy or you want to try out The Curious Case of Mary Ann, this is a great time to do it!

And if you’re outside the US, the e-books are also proportionately reduced. So I hope you’ll check it out or share it with your reader buddies who might need a little humorous sci-fi or fantasy in their lives.
Feel free to ask any questions! And when I say “feel free to ask any questions,” I mean about the books or writing or the sale. Not, like, life problems or whether you should invite your weird Uncle Edgar for Christmas. (You should; he can’t spend every holiday alone with his 29 taxidermied squirrels.)