Welcome to the Picnic!

Blogs. They allow us to slice-and-dice our lives into little partitions, like one of those paper picnic plates. This over here. That over there. All neat and tidy and separate-- which, of course, we all know life is anything but...

It's more like potato salad in your lap and beans on your sleeve, while you wait for cake and the dog keeps nosing you.

Still. I'd been having a wonderful time with my thrift store decorating and crafting blog, finding the funny in vintage goodies. I've met great people. And learned a ton. But every now and then, a post idea would cross my mind that didn't quite fit there.

And, sure, I could've just spooned it up and slopped it into the mix. But some people don't like bean juice on their potato salad. Or mayo on their baked beans. And you've gotta respect that.

So where are we now? In a brand new compartment on the picnic plate. Soon to be filled with a helping of the wit, weirdness and whimsy we all get dished out regularly-- and which I hope you will enjoy. I was reminded I'd actually done this sort of thing years ago, before blogging became blogging (it was just "bl-" then), in a selection of online posts called the Daily Drivel. So for anyone unafraid to leap in the Way-back Machine on a full stomach, I've also archived those posts here.

And before we go today-- I would like to thank, in particular, Tiffany/MadameX and Bobbie for enabling me toward multi-blogdom. I'd been idly tossing the idea around of creating a humor blog for a while, when they managed to whisk away my reasons for not just digging into it. Thanks so much, ladies. You get double cake helpings with no calories in them.

Enjoy this website? You might also enjoy the silliness over at Humor-blogs.


Greg said...

Woo hoo...look at me! First Post-ing all over the place!

As a two-blog guy myself (did gardeners want to hear more about old comic books? Unlikely...), I welcome you to this new level of organized madness...


Bobbie said...

Hi Jenn -

When I dropped into your "other" blog today and saw the link to this one, my eyes lit up. I knew you had succumbed to our (i.e., Tiffany's and my) urgings. Welcome to the world of the multi-bloggers. And best wishes for success with Of Cabbages and Kings.

Jenn Thorson said...

Greg "Two-Blogs" Waagner- thanks for being such a cool friend. And for "first-posting all over the place," too. Nice to have someone get the ball rolling. Or the cabbage. Depending on how you look at it.

Bobbie- Ah! You found it! Yay! I was hoping to bump into you on the boards today to thank you again, as I did Tiffany, but this is great, too. You're a gem.

CharmaineZoe said...

Love your new blog and will be back for more. Also enjoyed reading your other blog. I've just become a 'Two-Blogger' myself having branched out into a family history blog (Genealogy being my other big hobby)so I appreciate how much effort goes into yours. Will be back for more :-)

Jenn Thorson said...

Charmaine- thank you! I appreciate that a lot. Best of luck to you with your new blog, as well.