RSS Feed-- Now With 100% More Not Crashing!

So, um, you good people who subscribed to Of Cabbages and Kings? You wise, you free-thinking, you... er... nine... people or so?...

Um... can I ask you to all make like a Britney Spears song and hit me, baby, one more time with the RSS subscribey goodness?

I know it's an absolute pain, and I hate to even bring it up. But somewhere along the line, my feed went wonky. And now it's de-wonked. But it's also at a totally different address.

It's here:

Right now I have the old repaired feed set up as a redirect (which is how original subscribers are getting to this now). But that turns into a pumpkin in the near future. And pumpkins make for bad feed reading-- too unwieldy. And orange. And with the potential to rot. Meaning, we'd never get a chance to chat again.

Which would also mean it'd be just me here talking to myself. And I only do THAT in train stations and crowded buses, where I can get a really good echo going.

While we're at it, I want to thank Umesh from the BlogCatalog forums for helping diagnose my tech issues. You can go visit his profile here-- --and check out his blogs, and say nice things about his x-treme tech skillz and stuff.

Thanks Umesh! And thanks to you all, too, for subscribing in the first place to my wee, weird little patch of the blogosphere. As Denis Leary once said, "it warms the cockles of my heart-- or maybe somewhere in the sub-cockle region."

Talk to you soon!

They're always up, running, and being funny at Humor-blogs.


Marybeth said...

Jen..I am so dumb that none of this makes sense to me.I still want to see/read both your sites, so can you talk real loud and slow and tell me what is best to do so that I don't miss a thing? Email me at

~Static~ said...

That's so strange, my feed at feedburner went wonky recently too.
What was the official diagnosis if I may ask?

It may have been the same thing for me. At least I'm hoping so, as it leaves me gabberflastered as to what the problem may be or might have been...


Jenn Thorson said...

Hi, Marybeth-
No worries! If you visit my blog sites (and THANK YOU for that, by the way!) by just using a normal web browser, then there's nothing at all for you to do-- it'll be the same as always. And I'm delighted to have you visit.

An RSS feed is what some people use to get new posts sent directly to them, through what is called a feedreader. Some people don't like having to physically go to sites and check to see if there is new material, so they "subscribe" to a blog's RSS feed which basically just feeds new content TO them, asi if to a email Inbox.

Because my RSS feed address for Cabbages only had changed, I didn't want those people who had subscribed to be lost and confused, by using the old address.

Of course, I managed to confuse other people in the process. Sorry about that!

Did this help? I have emailed you this as well.

Jenn Thorson said...

Heya Static- for me, it had to do with the feed being corrupted somehow in my blog template. I ended up swapping out my template, then swapping back, and that seems to have fixed it.

I understand this template tends to have issues. Don't know if that's helpful to you or not-- hope so!

Greg said...

Of course, being an April 1st post, one wonders just how much we're meant to believe.

Although really, One's just grateful he hadn't subscribed to anything yet.

Jenn Thorson said...

Heya, Gregoire- Nope, no April Fools. (Wasn't actually even thinking about it being April 1 when I'd posted-- but probably should have!)