New Humorous Fantasy Novel Out: The Curious Case of Mary Ann

I'm so excited to report that my humorous fantasy novel, THE CURIOUS CASE OF MARY ANN, is now available in both paperback and ebook form in a number of countries. The book is set in Lewis Carroll's Wonderland/Looking Glass Land and has a whimsical gothic mystery bent to it. The summary is as follows:

Things that start with the letter M: Murder... Motives... Mary Ann

Mary Ann Carpenter, housemaid to Wonderland’s White Rabbit, misses all the action when Alice drops into town.

She has her own problems. As witness to the murder of her estranged father, Mary Ann must go under-underground to learn more about the man she barely knew and the motives for his death. But the more she discovers, the more M-words keep coming. Like magic mirrors, monsters, mistaken identity and a murderer who is the mysterious manservant to the Queen of Hearts.

Mary Ann is mightily moved to unmask his malicious machinations, but can she unearth the evidence, expose the killer and keep a cool head?

For folks who enjoyed my THERE GOES THE GALAXY trilogy, this is a little different from that but features a lot of the same sort of character-building and humor.

I hope you'll check it out, if you have a chance!





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