Father's Day Gift Ideas for Darth Vader

"Dear Dad- This Father's Day, I want to take a moment to say that even though you tried to kill me,
and convert me to the Dark Side, and you blew up my sister's home planet..."

What do you get the Dark Lord who has everything? How can a Sith celebrate Father's Day in out-of-this-world style?

At Of Cabbages and Kings, we want to make it easy for you to give Dear Old Darthly Dad the gift that won't get anyone's feelings--or tracheas--crushed.

Consider these can't-miss gift ideas:

  • Tickets to a Dark Side (of the Moon) laser light show
  • A gift certificate to Sacks Sith Avenue, for the latest in designer black cloak fashion and robot hands
  • New minions. Order 'em by the case, because you know he'll go through them.
  • Palpatine Mist, asthma treatment, in bulk. (It shows you care.)
  • A subscription to Evil Overlord Illustrated
  • George Foreman's new Bantha Barbeque Grill-- fun and heart-healthy! (Unless you're the bantha.)
  • Lightning protective gear
  • A crocheted lightsaber cozy with "Dad" embroidered on it
  • A box set of the long-running program, Space's Funniest Jedi Mind Tricks

And of course, the number one thing you can get your favorite Dark Lord for Father's Day is...

  • The droids he's looking for

Thank you, we'll be here all week folks. Enjoy the bantha steak!