In Honor of DrowseyMonkey's Bloggiversary

Today is DrowseyMonkey's first bloggiversary, and Olga the Traveling Bra has asked that all of Drowsey's friends share why we love Drowsey in a bit of an "online bloggy birthday extravaganza" for her.

Well, I wasn't going to miss an opportunity like this-- not for someone who has been as nice to me as Drowsey has. The trick was to come up with just the right thing to honor her special day. I mean, there are so many ways to go with it.

I thought I could produce a DrowseyMonkey Tribute Album. But I couldn't afford to hire her favorite singers like Carol King or James Taylor to do the numbers. And Stevie Ray Vaughn, well, he's kinda deceased. So I looked to another fave of hers, Earth Wind and Fire. Turns out, I could afford Earth, but Wind and Fire priced themselves way out of the market.

So I asked the guy who sings randomly on the street corner near my work if he was available. He's the one who pushes around an empty dollbaby carriage and has a teddybear strapped to his upper thigh with a bungee cord... He's got a good voice.

But, it seems he's booked on street corners now through November, and he just can't fit it into his schedule. The teddybear was available, he said, but I didn't feel comfortable with the bear's repertoire. It just didn't say "Drowsey" to me.

So that kiboshed that idea.

Then I thought, I could kidnap her mostest favoritest actor in the world, Vincent D'Onofrio, and send him to her by the post...

But having to spend time bailing me out of an American prison for stalking, kidnapping and assault charges on a celebrity, probably isn't on her list of "Things to To On My First Bloggy Birthday."

Fair enough.

So instead, I will simply tell you why I've become online friends with Drowsey.

Well, Drowsey and I have a lot in common. See our avatars? Here's Drowsey...

Here's me...

Notice Drowsey has a big ol' doll glued to her face, while I'm holding a Jane Austen bobblehead. It's our similar blog marketing tactics and desire to hide behind childish plastic things in public that got us merrily chatting in the first place.

Secondly, Drowsey and I have both been hit in the head with birds. Real birds. Actual-and-for-true flying feathered friends. Not just somebody flipping us off for being wise-guys. No, we both know the power and pain of a flying fowl against the cranial area. So, I think this is an important bond in online friendship.

Thirdly, she has made me laugh really hard, and out loud, to myself. On Twitter, chatting with her-- even with a restricted number of characters per quip-- well, it's a bit like sitting in a kitchen over tea (or, who am I kidding? margaritas) with old friends.

And on her blog, whether she's talking about her D'Onofrio fetish, her widget addiction, her willful old car, how her arms don't face the same direction everyone else's does, or humorous tales of things that go bump (or in this case "eo") in the night, well, it's always a joy to read.

So, Happy Bloggiversary, Drowsey! It's a pleasure to know you. Now go get yourself some Tim Horton's and enjoy that obscure Canadian holiday weekend you were telling us about.

And, remember, watch out for those birds.

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Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Oh Jenn - what a beautiful tribute! :)

crpitt said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I LOVES it :)

Especially this bit "He's got a good voice." lol.

You have summed up why I love you and drowsey :)

crpitt said...

Even though you keep saying I am the mad one!

Alice said...

You are just the nicest person around the blogosphere. I'm going to check out DrowseyMonkey now that you've intrigued me.

Chat Blanc said...

awesome post in tribute to drowsey! and LOVE the pics of vincent, I'm sure she'll be very happy!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA!! I think this might be the funniest Drowsey tribute I've read today! LOL!

PS - If I'm really nice to you, will you kidnap Johnny Depp for me on my bloggiversary? :D

Unknown said...

Olga- You are truly a bra with heart. This was a brilliant idea. Thanks for letting me know about it, so I could join in.

Claire- AWWWWWW.... this is such a love-fest! (Sniff! sob) You guys are the bestest online friends!

Alice- You and Drowsey would get along wonderfully. You need to join us on Twitter. It would be a blast.

Sandy- I think she won't mind the bad photoshopping since she'll be looking completely at Vincent. :) That's my hope anyway!

Jay- I would kidnap Johnny Depp for ME and let you borrow him (supervised, of course) on your bloggiversary.

I'm sorry, but it's the best I can do. One of my friends gave me a Johnny Depp Christmas tree for my office, she knows I adore him so much. So you must understand my own level of obsession. It's nothing personal. :)

Da Old Man said...

Such a beautiful tribute. It brought a tear to my eye.

Unknown said...

Da Old Man- Aw, here's a nice glass of Ovaltine and a Kleenex for you.... :)

MYM said...

OMG ... now I'm crying again. And not just 'cause you didn't really kidnap Vincent for me ;)

He does look rather sexy in those ropes tho. Thanks for adding a new scenario to my never ending fantasies about him, HA!

Okay ... TMI.

Thank you so much! I'm truly overwhelmed and sooo flattered by all of this! Your post, as always had me laughing out loud! Or LOL as the kids say.

Thank you :)

LOBO said...

Let the orgy of hugging commence!!!!

Unknown said...

Drowsey- I hope your bloggiversary was a good one. And PS- I can't believe you never thought of the ropes yourself!

LOBO- And there was much rejoicing... YAY!!!