More Monkeying Around at the Zoo

Hi-- meet my Uncle Lou. This is him, just about asleep in the chair in front of the TV, after Thanksgiving dinner... Boy, can that fellow put the candied yams AWAY.

Okay, yes, I am kidding you. This is not my Uncle Lou.... This is Uncle HENRY. They just look a lot alike.

Henry is always the one with the red nostrils.

But we're not here today to talk about my relatives. We're here to commune with the beauty of nature. (Read: put silly captions to zoo photos.) So let's get started.

Picture it, we're deep in the heart of Africa, and the lion and his mate have settled down for a long, restful sleep...

"GASP! Leo, are you awake? I heard something. I think there's a burglar..."

(Sigh) "Lena, fer Pete's sake, we go through this every single day... FINE. I'll go check it out."...

"When the zebra fell over dead, its fellow zoo inhabitants were none too surprised. He'd always been the type for dramatic exits..."

"Hi! Have you seen Nemo? Maybe he went this way..."

Meet the next America's Top Model...

"Shhh, don't look now, but don't you think Bambi seems to be putting on a lot of weight lately?... And just LOOK at what she's done to her hooves..."

"Hi- I'm looking for a clownfish. He's orange..."

"I'm here, Dory."

"...And small..."

"HERE, Dory..."

"And he has stripes..."

"I'M HERE!!!!"

"Nevermind, maybe he went this way..."

"Snowflake was all set to win the first official Polar Bear Mavericks of Surf Competition..."

"Until another surfer struck him in the back of the kneecap..."

"Sweetie, come BACK here. You have a little schmutz. Let me just get that..."

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Lions and tigers and Humor-blogs, oh my!


Greg said...

You certainly had a fun day at the zoo...and I can see you are maximizing the experience to last throughout the week, as well!!

Emily loves to do that Zebra move in the dust, or even on the carpet. It's part of her "crazy dog" routine. She's also good at that pin-up pose the kangaroo's rocking...

I saw "Finding Nemo" again last week or so...I'd forgotten what a fun movie it was! What beats Ellen talking in a whale accent?? Almost nothing!

Unknown said...

Greg- Oh gosh, Ellen doing that, "I speak whale" thing... in the movie theater I about CRIED I was laughing so hard, it just struck me so funny.

And the Blue Tangs like Dory, really DO zip around from side to side like Dory did. I had a heckuva time getting photos-- which is why Dory is so blurry. :)

Alice said...

WOW - love those polar bear shots! You've inspired me to go an a zoo outing soon before the weather turns wicked hot.

Unknown said...

Alice- we have this amazing polar bear tunnel at the Pittsburgh Zoo now, so the polar bears swim in a tank right overhead. I had the BEST time taking pics of him playing. If you ever come up this way, it's well worth seeing.