Sheardon and Woolworth Celebrate Doodle Week

Welcome to "Animal Doodle Day" here at Of Cabbages and Kings, as "Doodle Week" sweeps the blogosphere!..

Okay, well, maybe not the WHOLE blogosphere. More like a side road... Maybe a dingy alley. (And boy, can that alley USE some sweeping, too-- just LOOK at those cigarette butts and wads of used chewing gum!)

Er-- but still-- nifty bloggers all! Go check 'em out.:)

Anyway, my friendly neighborhood comic strip sheep-- Shearadon and Woolworth-- have volunteered to join us today for a very special guest appearance. Shearadon NEVER misses an opportunity for the spotlight. My gawd, you should just HEAR him bleating out Karaoke down at The Meadow! He earns points for pluck and enthusiasm, bless his woolly noggin, but his rendition of Cake's "Sheep Go to Heaven, Goats Go to Hell" is enough to make your ears bleed.

Anyway, when last we left our fleecy heroes, Shearadon (the one in the loud Aloha shirt) had announced to brother sheep Woolworth (with the tie and John Lennon glasses) that he had started a blog, and he APPEARED to have some very interesting motivators for doing so. (You can click here to view that strip.)...

And now-- on, with part two!

Oh, before I go, Shearadon has been just BEGGING me to give him a link to his blog. To be honest, I'm fairly picky about who I link to, and I admit, I have some definite reservations about this. Also, I told him, I don't think my current readership really hits the Sheep-American demographic. But as a professional courtesy to him and also because he threatened to quit my comic strip, you can check out his blog by clicking here.

Don't say I didn't warn you! (There, Shearadon-- there you go. Now get off my back about it.)

Special thanks to Claire of A Little Piece of Me for getting us all doodling again.


Shearadon's been trying to hack into Humor-blogs. He really wants into their top 50.


Alice said...

You are sooo creative! Have you seen the little Pixar short called 'Boundin'? You should try to find it on YouTube or something - the music and everything is so cute and I think your sheep would appreciate it too!

Unknown said...

Hiya, Alice!- No, but I'll have to go take a look for it-- sounds totally appropriate..

and my sheep WERE having some issues finding positive yet funny sheep-related media to connect to.

My sheep and I all thank you. :)

Meg said...

Sheep get such a bad rep these days. Sad really. Keep doing what you're doing!!

Unknown said...

Meg- thanks for your support of the Sheep-American demographic. With a few decent humans on their side like yourself, I think much can be done in the way of Sheep Rights. :)

crpitt said...

Jenn this is a most excellent, ewe really are talented :)

I love the other site too! I can see a future in that.

Thank you for indulging me and playing along :)

Unknown said...

Hi, Claire-- Glad to do so. The sheep were pestering me to come out of retirement anyway, and there seemed no better time than now.

I'll, er, pass along your appreciation of the other site to Shearadon. :)

Greg said...

"Oh, no, I'll never be Three-Blogs Thorson. I don't have that kind of time..." ha DO still have a job, though, right?

Unknown said...

Ah, but Gregoire, I don't have three blogs. I have TWO blogs, and Shearadon has a blog that will be very, very occasionally updated... and er, has nothing to do with me anyway. :)

Interestingly, the old brain seems to at least kindly partition ideas now into "thrift/vintage stuff" and "Everything Else That's Funny."