The Blogger Versus Non-Blogger Mind

March marked Of Cabbages and Kings' third bloggiversary. And attesting to either my increasing age, or the advanced age of the Cabbage, I forgot all about it.

I mainly see it as a lost opportunity for cake.

But it did get me thinking how, as humans, our whole perspective on life changes when we've been blogging a while-- particularly, when it's humor blogging. See, it's like this:


"I shall go to a restaurant and eat this meal. If my food looks strange or unappetizing, it may reflect in the tip."

"Doesn't that pile of mashed potatoes look just like Corey Feldman's head? I must take a photo of it with the camera that I happen to have right here, and upload it to my blog, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and"

"I am going on a road-trip with friends, where much merriment will be had."

"Here: you hold the steering wheel while I take a photo of that roadsign that reads 'Welcome to Bumpus. Home of the Marauding Chickens.' No, we won't swerve into that tractor trailer if you hold it steady. We have plenty of room... Plenty of room."


"That was the worst vacation I've ever been on. They lost my luggage, I got food poisoning, and my husband left me for a cabana boy named Paco."

"I think I'll write a post from the perspective of my lost luggage, since it got to see Thailand by way of Newark, and I always wanted to visit. Maybe it will bring me back some Pad SeeEw. Or a new husband."


"It's the Halloween season. There will be pumpkins, candy, and fun for the kiddies."

"I need a Halloween post. I wonder if anyone's ever written a parody of The Night Before Christmas except using zombies and from the first person perspective of Shaun of the Dead?"


Now that I'm getting older, I find myself asking the important questions, like what is the meaning of life? And how can I raise good, productive children?

Now that I've seen Star Wars for the sixtieth time, I find myself wondering whether Darth Vader ever had a brainstorming session when he was naming the Death Star.


"I have had this jingle in my head for the past three days."

"I may have had this jingle in my head for the past three days, but soon, through the Mighty Power of the Blog, I will not be alone. Oh no, I shall not be alone..."


Now here, my friends: have some cake!

Adorable cabbage cake photo from:

Also... sing this:

Thanks! :) And surf safely out there.


Jaffer said...

"Inspector Gadget ! Wooh hoo ! Go Gadget Go !"

I'm dressing up as "Dr. Claws" for you party ... can I borrow Harry ?

Love the Cake ! Awesome ! I'll have half.

Vanessa said...

Yes, hilariously true! Being a blogger has changed my life forever. Next week on vacation I'll be making sure to stop at every possible thrift and junk store, snapping photos to the point of exhaustion...

Blogging is a labor of love, yes indeed...

Unknown said...

Jaffer- Harry, I'm sure, would insist on being involved in any festivities. And he might fight you for half that cake, too. :)

Van- Oh, yes-- if you are not out in public snapping pictures of things the locals cannot possibly understand, you are just not that into blogging. :)

laughingmom said...

You are so right - I've only been at this for a little while, but can feel more of the Dark Side dragging me in everyday. You do need to complete some of the blogger ideas in this post!

Unknown said...

LaughingMom- Oh, I'd be happy to! So far, though, my mashed potatoes only resemble that dinner scene with Richard Dreyfus in Close Encounters.

meleah rebeccah said...

Oh I love this, because it's SO true! And, I love being a blogger. It has changed my life and they way I view things in such a wonderful way!

That cake looks delicious!

ReformingGeek said...

Oh goodie, cake!

There was a post?

Hee Hee. We bloggers are so silly.

Congrats on three years!

Rico Swaff said...

Funny stuff. :)

You ever carry around a notepad and write notes of stuff to write about and then when you look at it later, you can't decipher it? Happens to me a lot.

Congrats on 3 years.

Anonymous said...

Happy third bloggiversary. I just celebrated my third too late last month...and blogging definitely does change our perspectives on life, doesn't it? Lately, though, I've not felt like making light of the things I used to make light of. Of course, maybe that's a blog post too. :)

Unknown said...

Meleah- Yes, you have a real zeal for blogging that shows with your posts. I appreciate your enthusiasm for your various topics.

ReformingGeek- Thanks, let me get you a second slice of that cake! :)

Rico- Yes, I've left myself one or two word notes on post ideas, but then didn't know what I was trying to tell me. In fact, that was a post a couple of weeks back. I never did remember what my notes to me meant.

UnfinishedDude- Hey, happy third bloggiversary to you, too! When you've been blogging three years, you realize ANYTHING can be a blog post if you find the right hook. Scary!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

You are a bitch.

And you know you are a humor blogger when someone calls me that and you laugh and say "Yes! I rule! That song is now stuck in her had and she hates me!!"

Hey, remember that song "Bright Eyes" from the 80s. My roommate used to play that non-stop and I haaated it. If you don't remember it I'll post a link later on your facebook page. :-)

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

UnfinishedDude: It's not all about you!

Unknown said...

Lisa- HEH, did SOMEONE click on the Inspector Gadget Video and now is unable to get the theme out of her head??? (MWahahahahahaha....)

Oh, are you talking about that Kim Carnes song "Total Eclipse of the Heart"? Because that song not only gets into your brain, but it's LONG. So double the torture.

Lisa: Re UnfinishedDude, I am used to that sort of thing from the Dude. :) Of course, as his sister, you probably are too.

Deray said...

I'm such a random blogger that I don't think like one most of the time. Just situations that really get to me make me want to write about it right away and usually not in a funny way :-P

Happy blogoversary! I'll have a leaf of that cabbage please ;-)

Shieldmaiden96 said...

There is a certain gleeful masochism when one blogs, because I never thought I'd look at a misfortune or a stressful situation and think, yaay, blog fodder! If it weren't for blogs the aviation industry would hardly be written about at all, save the occasional plane crash or DHS bulletin.

Suzanne said...

I'm thinking of going to my High School Reunion just for the blogging fodder.

Love this post! Since becoming a blogger my purse has become heavier, have to have the camera, pad of paper....
My mom is afraid to go shopping with me now, my friends don't understand me and my family thinks I'm weird.

JaneneMurphy said...

Ha ha! So true. And happy belated blogaversary! And that Death Star question? I've often wondered that, myself. The thing is spherical, so it should really be a Death Ball, but that sounds lame. Think the Dark Side had a marketing department?

Unknown said...

Deray- Heh, here is your leaf m'lady. :)

Shieldmaiden- Yeah, for me it has actually made bad situations better because I think, "Well, it's not for naught. At least I have a post." Otherwise I guess I'd just be giving these painful situations to my fiction characters. And they would go on strike.

Sue- Oh, a school reunion could be several posts worth of fodder, I imagine. Yeah, I think we can identify the female bloggers out there because one shoulder is probably lower than the other due to cameras and notebooks.

Alexandra said...

Every person, every headline, every radio all becomes blog fodder.

nothingprofound said...

Happy third, Jen! The cake looks delicious. Since I don't write about events in my life, blogging doesn't really intrude on my daily activities. The biggest change is all the time I spend on the forum and visiting other people's blogs. But I guess it keeps me off the streets and out of trouble.

Richard said...

I thoroughly enjoy each visit to your fantastic blogs! Where else can one get both good humor and nice antiques! Thank you for all your time and effort in producing such enjoyable blogs!