Love, Alien-Style -or- A Very Special Sci-Fi Valentine's Day

Ah, Valentine's Day... The time of year when our thoughts turn to: "Why didn't I make the friggin' dinner reservations a month ago before it was completely booked?"...

And: "What a scam! These same roses were ten bucks last week and now they're a mortgage payment!"

Or love. Some people also think about love.

Me, well, lately, I've been pretty much having an exclusive relationship with the first draft of the last book in my trilogy... 

We stay in most of the time. I try not to look at him too critically, though I know he's not quite what I really want. 

Right now he's rough around the edges and sketchy. Yet someday, I think he could really be something. 

From this, I imagine it's not surprising to learn my characters have more interesting social lives than I do. But this week I had a lot of fun creating graphics for two of my more romantic quotes in the There Goes the Galaxy series...

Yes, in the Greater Communicating Universe, love can be expressed with an XJ-37 raygun.

This was another favorite, from The Purloined Number:

I hope you all have an out-of-this world Valentine's Day and weekend ahead of you. Based on the weather forecast, we pretty much live on the planet Hoth now. So good luck digging out of the tundra and don't forget to check for Snowbeasts.

If you survive, I hope to see you next week.


meleah rebeccah said...

"it's not surprising to learn my characters have more interesting social lives than I do." -- HA!! Such is the life of a writer!

Unknown said...

It truly is, Meleah! It helps that it's been so cold and snowy this winter, there's no where for me to go. But when spring hits-- watch out! The spring fever's gonna be big... BIG!