One Half Alien Inspiration and One Half Cosmic Perspiration

Just a little sci-fi motivational poster for your morning-- all the way from Beddsyde Manor Wellness Center on the planet Daglann-Da!

(Or, y'know, a quote from the second There Goes the Galaxy book, The Purloined Number. However you prefer to look at it.)

Hope your Tuesday is a stellar one! --Jenn


meleah rebeccah said...

love it!

Timothy M. Coplin said...

If I remember correct, this is very early in part 2. I meant to highlight it but I think I forgot because I couldn't find it when I wanted it. Hmm, the purloined quote?

Unknown said...

Meleah- Thanks for visiting! :)

Timothy- Yup, this was from THE PURLOINED NUMBER. I couldn't believe _I_ forgot to include this one myself. In retrospect, it seems such an obvious candidate for a motivational poster!