The Duality of Day Jobs... Plus Youtube Channel Fun

It's an interesting thing when you're a writer with a day job, particularly when your day job is high stress and deadline-oriented, yet your fiction writing is in a genre as playful and quirky as humorous sci-fi.

During the day, people know you as professional. Responsible. Boring. Restrained even. The one who takes care of the tasks nobody really wants to do, simply because they have to get done. 

Then at night, early mornings and on weekends, you suddenly transform into that weird chick who's writing that even stranger book series with all the off-beat aliens in it. The one who jokes and has fun and who views no idea as too outrageous for at least some consideration.

It's a little like being a superhero, only without the heroism, superpowers or spandex.

You have to block out one to be the other.

This week has been a bit high stress during the day, to be honest. So it's been particularly enjoyable to me, acting out these various audio readings from the There Goes the Galaxy books. I've posted a last one-- this is from the first book-- above. And if you like these and want to listen to more of them, they're housed right now on a YouTube channel. Give it a Subscribe on YouTube, if it's something that launches yer rockets. :) I may add more as the spirit moves. The channel is here:

And if you have friends who like it when authors read them stories, I'd appreciate it if you'd pass the word along. I'm still contemplating whether there will be a full audiobook in the future, and whether I'd just get someone professional and cosmic to read the thing. (In other words, someone who definitely isn't me.)

Anyway, that's what I have on tap for you good people today. I plan to do some writing on the third There Goes the Galaxy book-- Tryfling Matters-- this weekend. It's been good progress so far, and while the draft is rough, it's the kind of foundation the tale needs.

Happy weekend. And may all your off-hours be stellar. :) --Jenn