Humor In Honor of May the Fourth- Star Wars Day

It's May the Fourth-- also known as "Star Wars Day." So to celebrate this special yearly occasion where Star Wars fans don plastic light sabers and bagel ears, and non-Star Wars fans take a moment to wonder what on Tatooine "May the Fourth" has to do with Star Wars, I have pulled together a collection of Of Cabbages and Kings' favorite Jedi-inspired posts.

Strangely, I have a lot of them.

And no, I am not wearing my hair in bagel shapes today.


Jabberwookiee. Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky" meets the Star Wars saga in this... unique... parody poem. Click here.

The Force-This! Jedi Simulation Correspondence Course. You can do everything online these days. Even tap into your hidden Jedi power. As long as you have $19.95 plus shipping and handling that is. Click here.

Why the Workday Would Benefit from a Darth Vader Voice Generator. I have decided I want to use this on the gas company, the next time they make me take half-a-day off just so they can do a two minute meter reading. But there are other reasons a Darth Vader voice would work in every day life. The reader comments here are priceless! (I love you guys-- you are so much fun.) Click here.

Darth Vader Brainstorms Naming the Death Star. It began when I wondered about how anyone bought off on TheDeathStar(TM) branding. Click here.

Eddie Izzard's Death Star Canteen with Legos. Lego people act out comedian Eddie Izzard's hysterical skit about Darth Vader trying to get some lunch. Not my work, but a BIG inspiration. Click here.

Thanks for stopping by! And May the Fourth Be With You!


Deray said...

Yay, thanks for reminding me of the Eddie Izzard video, I love it! and of course, May the 4th be with you ;-)

Unknown said...

Deray- You're welcome! Eddie Izzard always makes me happy. Some amazing skits he's done.

Kelly said...

And May the Fourth be with you, as well, Jenn. The Eddie Izzard video was hilarious. I like how Vader was trying to convince the canteen employee that he could kill him with a thought until he just eventually gave up and grabbed a tray. I liked your Jabberwookiee poem, too. Very creative and funny. I liked your take on the whole "naming of the Death Star" topic, too. You're right. Naming it "Death Star" was pretty lame and in real life marketing, I don't think it would go over that well. lol. Of course, I contributed my offering on the Darth Vader Voice Generator in the comment box for that post. In conclusion, I would just like to applaud your humor and funny infatuation with all things Star Wars. May the Force Be With You! :)

Unknown said...

Kelly- Eddie rocks. That's my favorite skit, but his Cake or Death is another good one and... oh, well, too many to mention.

I hadn't realized how many Star Wars things I'd written considering I never did see the last two movies and I don't think I even own the first three on disc.

May the Fourth (okay Fifth now) be with you.

meleah rebeccah said...

"May the Fourth be with you"


Oh Jenn, you are sofa king hilarious!

Unknown said...

Meleah- I cannot take credit for the whole "May the Fourth" Star Wars connection. It was invented years ago, probably by people who could tell you the name of every obscure denizen of the Monster Cantina.

In fact, it was probably invented by people who have an ACTION FIGURE of every obscure denizen of the Monster Cantina.