The "Guess That Christmas Song" Game!

Hi, and welcome to "Guess That Christmas Song"-- the holiday game show entirely without prizes, where we describe one of the season's beloved and most overplayed Christmas tunes and you guess the title!

Answers will be given in tomorrow's exciting post. It's fun for the whole family!

(Except for, y'know, Great Aunt Myrna who says she can't read anything that isn't large print... And Step-Uncle Gordon who hasn't liked anything officially since 1937.... And...)

Let's get started!:
  1. The seduction of Santa Claus by shameless gold-digger for high-end gifts.
  2. Personage looking to trap potential significant other in remote, lengthy house-bound situation prays to weather gods for excess winter precipitation
  3. Repetitious ringing celebrates crisp winter excursion via quaint seasonal vehicle
  4. Child receives relentlessly beating percussive toy for Christmas; convinces audience it's his gift to them
  5. Doo-wop dancing around the indoor conifer, where participants remain oblivious to the pre-Christmas pagan traditions it draws on
  6. Public announcement that Jesus has made his first big entrance, and if you dig the kid, you should probably pop by his delivery room and say "hi."
  7. Medieval Nordic monarch gets unexpected houseguest post-Christmas-- shares a nosh and a few toddies.
  8. Santa shows true colors by demonstrating abusive working relationship with employee sleigh-transport driver over diversity issues
  9. Bribery and threats abound, designed to keep locals in line, in anticipation of a Christmas kingpin paying a visit to his turf.
  10. Holiday depression and separation anxiety-- all wrapped in a garland of guilt-- color this song.
Thanks for playing along! See you with the answers tomorrow! (Update: December 22-- Click here for the answers!!)


Chris said...

Love the "diversity issues" one . . . poor Rudolph.

Shirley said...

1. Santa Baby- originally sung by Eartha Kitt remade by Madonna
2. I know this one not the title though.
3. Jingle Bells
4. Huh? Little Drummer Boy
5. Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
6. Some of these I've no clue Go Tell it on the Mountain?
7. Good King Wencheslaus (please don't ask for a proper spelling)
8. ?
9. ?
10. I'm Gettin' Nuthin' For Christmas (mommy and daddy are mad)

Jenn Thorson said...

It's not a wonder we don't hear of more kids named Wenceslas these days.

timethief said...

1. Santa Baby
2. Baby it's cold outside
3. Jingle Bells
4. Little Drummer Boy
5. Rocking Around the Christmas Tree
6. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
7. Good King Wenceslas
8. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
9. Twelve Days of Christmas
10. I'll Have a Blue Christmas Without You

timethief said...

Arrgghh! the first guess I had for 9. was wrong. The song I just heard on the radio is the correct one. Can I change 9. to Santa Claus is Coming to Town?

Jenn Thorson said...

TT, Dear, there is no need to over-achieve on a humor game for which there is no grading, and no actual prize. :)

So deep breaths-- and yes. Officially, I say you may change your answer!! :) (I'm chuckling, because I can kinda see myself doing the same sort of thing.)

Janene Murphy said...

What a fun game. Love the way you 'phrased' the songs!

Jenn Thorson said...

Janene- That was the fun part pulling it together. Thanks for visiting!

ReformingGeek said...

Santa Baby, let it snow, while bells jingle. Play the drums Momma left for you while frolicking around the Christmas Tree. Hear Angels Sing about the Good King Worcestershire.

Rudolph lived 12 days after Christmas but died because he turned blue.


Fun game!

Unknown said...

Reforming Geek-- Heh, NIIIICE spin!