The "Guess That Christmas Song" Game-- Answers!

Did you get a chance to play "Guess That Christmas Song" in yesterday's post? No???? Well, we all know you're just killing time until you can go warm those feet by an open fire, pour yourself a cup o' the nog and let the festivities begin. I mean, it's not like you're doing actual real work right now or anything, are you?

Are you????!!

So... head on over and check out the game here and then come back for the answers. I'll wait.



Ah! There you are! Great to see you! Okay. So here are the answers to yesterday's game:

  1. The seduction of Santa Claus by shameless gold-digger for high-end gifts. Answer: Santa Baby
  2. Personage looking to trap potential significant other in remote, lengthy house-bound situation prays to weather gods for excess winter precipitation. Answer: Let It Snow
  3. Repetitious ringing celebrates crisp winter excursion via quaint seasonal vehicle. Answer: Jingle Bells
  4. Child receives relentlessly beating percussive toy for Christmas; convinces audience it's his gift to them. Answer: Little Drummer Boy
  5. Doo-wop dancing around the indoor conifer, where participants remain oblivious to the pre-Christmas pagan traditions it draws on. Answer: Rockin Around the Christmas Tree
  6. Public announcement that Jesus has made his first big entrance, and if you dig the kid, you should probably pop by his delivery room and say "hi." Answer: O Come All Ye Faithful
  7. Medieval Nordic monarch gets unexpected houseguest post-Christmas-- shares a nosh and a few toddies. Answer: Good King Wenceslas
  8. Santa shows true colors by demonstrating abusive working relationship with employee sleigh-transport driver over diversity issues. Answer: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  9. Bribery and threats abound, designed to keep locals in line, in anticipation of a Christmas kingpin paying a visit to his turf. Answer: Santa Claus is Coming to Town
  10. Holiday depression and separation anxiety-- all wrapped in a garland of guilt-- color this song. Answer: Blue Christmas
Hope you all had fun guessing at the songs. You may now go back to trying to look productive.

Oh, and to all those who are celebrating-- Merry Christmas! And you-- get that lampshade off your head; it's not New Year's yet. Pace yourself.


Photodiction said...

I didn't get a chance to play yesterday - didn't see this until today. And I would have gotten about half. Very clever and nicely done.

Merry Christmas to you... and thanks for a game i think I'll play at Christmas dinner. :)

Suzanne said...

It's very hard work trying to look productive you know.

I didn't participate because in my head I made the game harder than it actually was. I thought all the clues were for only one song. You can imagine my confusion. I've given up trying to use my brain until after the holidays, it's just not functioning well right now.

Merry Christmas Jenn!

Jenn Thorson said...

Photodiction- Well, I do thank you for stopping by! And have a great holiday yourself!

Sue- Wow, no wonder you were feeling overwhelmed, that would have really sucked as a game. :) Hang in there. Maybe your brain will feel refreshed for the new year. :)

Tiggy said...

Gah! I read this post before the last post and now have completely ruined the quiz for myself. Now how am I going to look busy at work for the rest of the day? ;)