Deep Thought: Firefox Browser's Rainbow Cursor Hypnotism Show

Lately, my Firefox browser has started navel-gazing. Or the computer equivalent of it-- "cursor-contemplation," "arrow-oogling" or "mouse-minding"-- in lieu of a navel-esque region.

Yes, in the last few weeks it's grown introspective... Free-spirited... Philosophical...

Or, to put it a different way, it's become a giant frigging "Road Closed- Detour!" sign on my Internet Highway. And there are no Men at Work, either.

See what happens is, about every ten minutes of an hour, Firefox goes out for a smoke break. Or skirts the astral plane. Or has a bag of microchips and a nice data dump.

All I know is, it turns my cursor into this little rainbowy Dark Side of the Moon laser light spinny-do-- a colorful hypnowheel of death-- and it says, "Talk to it, babe. Be back in ten." and leaves me hanging.

It doesn't even play me "Comfortably Numb."

Most annoying is not that it processes something behind the scenes like Oz and his curtain. It's that it spins for five minutes, stops, waits for me to click on something thinking it's done fooling around, and then...

It does it again for another five minutes.

It's like it needs that taunting interaction between five-minute personal time. Just to make sure I'm still there mesmerized by this spectral beachball from hell.

Ten minutes is just long enough-- I might add-- for me to completely forget everything I was trying to accomplish online.

So now I keep Notes to Self about what I was writing, before the Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes came along.

I just hope during these little staycations , that it is out there doing something productive. Trying to calculate the meaning of life maybe, and not just off beer Googling or taking a browse down memory lane.

I plan to upgrade it, to see if that will improve the situation. But I have this nagging fear that will only toss all my bookmarks to the wind like pick-up sticks, develop selective amnesia on my passwords and up its holidays to include travel time.
"Hello-- is there anybody in there?"
Oh, and Firefox-- to save you the trouble, the answer to that question about the meaning of life?-- It's 42. Please don't call a time-out to verify.

Question of the day: What's your biggest pet peeve about computer technology?

And has your browser been strolling off for personal time? Maybe it's been hanging out with my browser.


Surfie said...

I've never seen these beautiful hypnowheel of death. I guess that's a good thing, but I'm drawn to it's pretty colors. I can see how dangerous it is!

Unknown said...

Surfie- Behind the beauty lurks Evil, I fear. :)

Shieldmaiden96 said...


Wait, what?

I can't say Ye Olde Firefoxe has done this to us, but Himself keeps up with all the updatey-computery nonsense and I'm just here for the shiny so I couldn't tell you.

ReformingGeek said...

Hum.....Rainbows are getting a bad rep over here. ;-)

This sounds like something has been installed on your machine without your knowledge (spyware?) and it's giving Firefox the California-style breaks. You might run a spy/virus check.

Unknown said...

Shieldmaiden- Yeah, I understand; I'm here for the shiny, too. I can trouble-shoot up to a certain point, but it gets beyond me pretty quickly.

Reforming Geek- Hm, I'm on a Mac system so that's perhaps less likely than if it were a PC system, but you never know. Worth a shot.

Christopher Jones said...

I recently went back to using firefox because Chrome started acting up.

It chain smokes, and curses like a sailor.It just told me that sissy browsers do the rainbow thing.

I just made it stand near the recycle bin as punishment.

Suzanne said...

I'm ready to hand over my computer to my little geek. He keeps telling me he can make it listen and obey me. So if nobody sees me for a while it's because he has me in far, far away geekville, from which there is no return.