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9/16/11- Cosmic news!-- I have just published my first book. It's a humorous science fiction tale called There Goes the Galaxy. Folks who enjoy the humor and tone of Cabbages are likely to enjoy this novel. It's available on Amazon in print an ebook versions, and in the UK in ebook only right now. To find out what it's about, check out my book website at: http://www.jennthorson.com 

1/19/11- Some happy news on the writing front! A post originally published here at Of Cabbages and Kings, called "Lewis Carroll Tests Out Jabberwocky" has been included in the latest edition of the Lewis Carroll Society of North America magazine, The Knight Letter. Being the Alice in Wonderland fan I have been since childhood, I'm still mentally recovering from the delight and honor of this.

10/15/10- Well, I wrapped up the thoroughly-scrubbed draft of my humorous space-adventure novel last evening. Just need to integrate some hand-written changes, and I'll be ready to start showing some folks. Woot! 

12/11/09- I received the kindest doodle for my birthday last week from TJ of A Look in a Creative Mind...

And creative, she is! With it went this poem...

Lady Jenn was about to go on a wordy trip
That would be filled with adventure, stories and laughter.
With a matching purse and hat and also a cape slung around her back,
she walked towards the door and she knew that she could write another folklore.

Before she could walk away, she was held back by good friend and King Cabbage.
He was frantically jumping around when he told her this little message:
Happy Happy Birthday My Dear Jenn.
May your life be filled with lots of Love, Luck and Zen!

I've never had anyone write me a poem before-- or do watercolor art for me, for that matter! So thank you again, TJ! You've done Old King Cole Slaw and me proud. :)

6/21/09- A Cabbages post, "Of Bullets and Bad Comma: A Tale of Grammar Noir" won Second Place in the April/May 2009 Humorpress writing contest! I think Old King Cole Slaw and I are still in shock. You can read all the winning stories here.

5/11/09- Holy BAFTAs, Batman! Two nice people gave awards to Cabbages this weekend...
The first is the very down-to-earth and funny Hammy of The Blah-Blahs and the Yada Yadas, with the "Right Scrap Award." The info on the award is that it's "bestowed upon a fellow blogger whose blog’s content or design is, in the giver’s opinion, brilliant. And when accepting this auspicious award, you must write a post bragging about it, including the name of the misguided soul who thinks you deserve such acclaim, and link back to the said person so everyone knows she/he is real. "

So, I'm including that here in honor of Hammy because he is not only real, but he's pleasantly delusional and reads my blog. I am also, according to the rules of the award, to share 10 honest facts about myself with you. I may do that in a future post, if I can fabricate 10 honest facts, and if so, I'll link to it from here.
The second kind person who gave an award to Cabbages was Etta Rose, of Sanity on Edge with the "2009 Friendly Blogger Award." It's funny how she has noticed how, in 2009, my plan has been to be friendly. Where in 2010, I've been thinking of trying out "Moody" and then 2011, I thought perhaps I'd go for "Sleepy and a Bit Confused." What do you think? Anyway, thank you to Etta Rose for thinking of me and my little home here in the Cabbage Patch.

4/19/09- I would like to thank the Academy... er... okay, Babs Beetle... for the "Zombie Chicken Award." I realize as a result of this award, that I have been very diligent about planning human-based anti-zombie techniques, but extremely negligent in planning for the possibility of poultry-based zombie plague. Which has actually given me an idea for Wednesday's post. Now the rules of this award are as follows:

“The blogger who receives this award believes in the Tao of the zombie chicken - excellence, grace and persistence in all situations, even in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. These amazing bloggers regularly produce content so remarkable that their readers would brave a raving pack of zombie chickens just to be able to read their inspiring words. As a recipient of this world-renowned award, you now have the task of passing it on to at least 5 other worthy bloggers. Do not risk the wrath of the zombie chickens by choosing unwisely or not choosing at all…”

As you all know, I try not to hit my fellow bloggers up with having to address these awards, as most of my blogging buds have said they don't care for them. So I will brave the wrath of the zombie chicken myself. If you don't hear from me Wednesday, well... You'll know what happened.

I hope you'll think of me whenever you see a bucket of extra-crispy.


3/27/09- Do you know what goes well with Cabbage? Lemonade! (Just go with me on this, 'kay-- I'm working up to a theme here). And Cabbages would like to thank Skye of Weekly Injection of Chuckles for the "Lemonade Award." The award is apparently for blogs that show "great attitude or gratitude." It's true that while I'm sometimes grumpy, Old King Cole Slaw has a really upbeat disposition. It's hard to keep a good veg down, I guess. Thanks, Skye!

3/22/09- Cabbages received one of the really nicest awards from Margo over at Life in the Short Lane. It's one of those that just makes me feel extremely grateful and, well, sappy.

It's the "Beautiful Heart" award, for "bloggers who put their hearts, mind and soul into their blogs and give us a glimpse into their worlds. They are positive and may not realize it, but are leading by example. They inspire with their words, educate and inform. They entertain and uplift with their humor. They are welcoming, helpful and friendly and no one is a stranger, whether you’ve commented once or a million times. They are ever so wise and giving. Most of all, they have Beautiful Hearts."

Sniff... (dabbing at eyes with tissue) it's like the Hallmark channel but without Meredith Baxter Birney and Patty Duke. So... you know... good.

3/13/09- Did you know Of Cabbages and Kings now is at its very own URL? Yup, the site is now located at http://www.cabbagesnkings.net -- So any of you nice people who are linking to Cabbages, if you could kindly update your links, Old King Cole Slaw and I would be really thankful.


3/09/09- Of Cabbages and Kings celebrated it's one year bloggiversary! Woo-hoo! Cake, nachos, and birthday punch for everyone!!

(Hmm... maybe that punch and nachos wasn't such a good combination idea... Queasy cabbage...)


3/03/09- Looks like EttaRose of SanityonEdge is suiting up Cabbages with a new pair of jeans with this kind Sisterhood Award. And best of all, it was a 100% guilt-free, meme free award.

Y'know, I hope these are the kind of Traveling Pants that fit just anybody... I've been hitting the Rosemary and Olive Oil Triscuits a bit heavy recently.

Thanks, EttaRose!


2/27/09- Cabbages received a wonderful, unexpected write-up article on the Humorbloggers.com blog. Blogger Marvel Goose takes unique look at what possesses a gal who loves antiques and Victoriana to decide to give the ol' funny bone a workout by writing a humor blog. You can check it out here, iffn you're interested.

2/27/09- Faith of the Quarter Life Crisis blog kindly awarded Cabbages the "Love Ya" award.

Many thank yous, Faith! You're a good egg, and it's terrific to be appreciated


1/02/09- Ah, sweetie-dahlings, DrowseyMonkey has started the New Year by awarding little ol' Cabbages this to-die-for "Your Blog is Fabulous" award. And when I think "fabulous" I just want to put on my LeCroix couture, do lunch, have a Stoli and wonder about all the people who aren't as fortunate as I am to have a LeCroix outfit and this fabulous award.

It also makes me feel like PR-ing something.

Thank you, Drowsey, sweetie-dahling, for this lovely award. (For those confused, many apologies! Check out "Absolutely Fabulous" on BBCAmerica. It will all come clear. :)

12/29/08- Meg from Prefers Her Fantasy Life-- while filled with hoppy cheer-- (read: her favorite brewski in a cool new Beatles glass Santa brought her)-- she awarded Cabbages this excellent "Blog Love" award.

And just look at that fine vintage typewriter! Why, that's the kind of nifty typewriter a writer should have, dontchathink? Y'know, fer lookin' all legit and serious about grammaricatin' 'n' stuff.

I promise, Peg, to grammaricate on it in your honor.


12/08/08- I'd like to thank my blogging friend Olga the Traveling Bra for making the nifty-cool graphic of me in the Santa hat, which I've now added to my profile here, on my other blog, and on Twitter. You know, Olga is extremely talented, and I just don't know how she does it! I mean, she blogs, she designs graphics and she doesn't even have any fingers. It's really impressive!

9/23/08- My friend, the beloved Crotchety Old Man, has kindly bestowed upon Cabbages the "Brainy Blog!" Award this week. I don't think this cabbagehead necessarily lives up to this high honor... I mean, remember, I'm the person who went out accidentally wearing two entirely different shoes once. And when faced with Hemingway in my writing class, I made the grand faux pas of telling my professor I'd rather read Gregory McDonald's Fletch books. But dear Crotchety is generous, as well as sweetly delusional. And that's what we, his readers, love about him. Thank you, Crotchety!


8/18/08- So, like, this super-cool dude, Crotchety Old Man, has, like, totally given me this awesome "BFF"-- Blogging Friends Forever-- award? Which is mega-bitchin' because, like, it looks just like the sorta credit card I used when I bought my Juicy Coiture hoodie and that pink purse so I could carry my teacup poodle Rocko around? So, like, ohmigod, now we're gonna have to buy matching bling with our names on them or something... I haven't cried this much, but you know, happy crying, since, like, Cabbages got offered its own fragrance and it SO smells hotter than Paris Hilton's.

8/14/08- UnfinishedRamblings kindly bestowed upon Cabbages the "Brillante" award. You can see it here looking very shiny and opalescent, kinda like the cool faceted crystal that used to hang from my rear-view mirror in my car, which eventually I had to take down because I was afraid it would use the sun to set my car's upholstery on fire. I miss that crystal. But now I have this much safer award. Thank you! Please forgive if like the "Kick-Ass Blogger Award" I don't forward it on. I've actually had my fellow bloggers thank me for the LACK of award, given this busy Awards Season. So I want to give everyone a little respite.

08/11/08- Cabbages received the "Kick-Ass Blogger Award" from both Jay of TheDeppEffect, and Sebastyne of Sebastyne.net. I had no idea it was such common knowledge that I had attempted TaeBo once, spraining the aforementioned body part in a tragic Roundhouse Kick Accident that left me incapacitated and forced to relearn things like sitting, and gin rummy. I appreciate Jay's and Sebastyne's kind support over what ended up being a challenging, emotional, and somewhat purplish time for me.

Now I know this would normally be the part of the shebang where I should pass these awards on to five others. But I'm a little afraid to risk it at this point-- I mean, most of the bloggers I know are still smothered under Arte y Pico awards. So I will merely let it end here with a huge, huge thank you all for reading and for thinking of me. To be honest, just having folks who seem to enjoy reading the blog is more award than I could ever wish for.

Now... where did I put my foam chair donut?


Check out the DoYouDiggIt.com review of Cabbages, entitled "Of Cabbages and Kings and Other Funny Things." Click here. Thanks so much to Mary Ward for such a thoughtful review.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHA! So you really did kick ass then? Well, well, how very unladylike!


Yes, it seems to be award season, doesn't it? I have some I must put on display, but I thought I needed to leave a little space with all the general bloggy awardness going on.

Unknown said...

Jay- Me working out is a horror no one should ever have to behold... legs and arms everywhere, no sense of coordination... It's a tragedy. :)

It really is award season, you're quite right. I'm hoping I can just add to this post should it come up again, so that way it's a little more manageable.

MYM said...

lol ... yes, let it end! ;)

Unknown said...

Drowsey- I guess you're feeling a bit overwhelmed with the awards and memes, too, eh?

It's sort of like what TV Detective "Monk" says, "It's a blessing... and a curse."

Anonymous said...

I blessed thee -- and I cursed thee, then. Congratulations and sorry. ;)

But after one other award I'm receiving tomorrow, I'm putting the kabosh on, thanks to Grundir (see my front page for more details; sorry, I'm too lazy to link, my fingers are tired from working on links all day yesterday for the awards I handed out-- not that I minded typing out your address for the link, of course. NOOOO, not saying that at all.)

Unknown said...

Unfinished- Heh, yes, well... Alls fair in memes and blogging, I suppose.

Da Old Man said...

OMG. I have the same outfit. I so hate you. J/K. It's so cute on you. I so couldn't do that.

Unknown said...

DaOldMan- I imagine it will be easier for me to type once I stop laughing so hard...


It looks like you TOTALLY channeled your inner diva, Joe. I have never been more proud of you. You SO rock.

Chat Blanc said...

at the end there I thought you were going to say, "now where did I put my foam number one finger". however that really wouldn't help your sprained butt much, my bad! congrats nonetheless. :D

Unknown said...

Sandy- Well, the foam finger offers an entirely DIFFERENT sort of support-- but here in Pittsburgh, we have Terrible Towels we use to root on the team. The foam finger just isn't much of a feature here.

Still, COULD be repurposed for butt bruises, I'd imagine. I mean: MacGyver would, right?

Adullamite said...

You deserve all the awards!

Babs (Beetle) said...

I've been thinking about this one too ;O) Maybe just a thank you is enough. I place them all on my 'Awards' page. Hopefully that is enough now.

Congratulations anyway!

Unknown said...

Adullamite- I just know some really nice folks!

Babs- Yes, it works okay in terms of updating it when I have news. Otherwise, I just don't know any other way to handle it. I don't want to neglect people who are kind enough to award these things.

Mike said...

Congrats on your Humorpress award. Second place, eh? That's quite an achievement. I had just discovered the contest last week and was thinking of enetering something myself for Aug/Sep. Was that your first try?

Unknown said...

Mike- Yes, it was, actually. It was a wonderful surprise. I don't normally go in for contests and the like. Wishing you much luck with your entry! It's certainly worth doing.