They want revenge. Or national treasury bling. Or weapons. They want to destroy the planet with assorted lasers. Or robots. Or giant sharks. Or giant robot sharks with lasers.

Some of them want a big-ass promotion.

But it occurred to me that very few movie villains, if any, ever want what so many highly obsessive folks teetering on the precipice of sanity seem to want...

An excess of cats.

So I was thinking, just once, I would love to see an action picture where the bad guy gets on the video comm-- which they all seem to have--

(Tech companies must make big bucks setting up satellite communication systems for Evil Overlords)

He picks up his pre-prepared evil guy speech--

(Because so often they toil for decades to achieve revenge and world domination, yet don't seem to have their evil monologues memorized. You'd think they'd be rehearsing in front of the mirror along with brushing their teeth every morning.)

-- And he tells our heroes something like this:

"This is Professor Heinous. My giant robot laser sharks are everywhere, and as you can see, I have you, citizens of Earth, right where I want you. So now that I have your complete and undivided attention, I will issue my demands..."

"By 12 midnight tomorrow, I want the major leaders of Earth to assemble and present me with the world's entire supply of...."

—You can hear a bead of sweat roll—


Here the leaders of the major nations, on each of their individual monitor screens, exchange glances with their advisors. Eyebrows are raised. The Secretary of Defense gives a meaningful look to the President and twirls a finger around one ear symbolically.

"Um," the President of the United States turns calmly to the monitor. "I believe they're called 'Iranians' nowadays."

"Not, people, you dimwit!" shouts Professor Heinous. "What am I going to do with people? I hate people. People make me sick. Persians! Persians!"

"Oh!" interjects the British Prime Minister. "Well, that can certainly be arranged. What color scheme are you going for?"

"Color sch--" A vein throbs in Professor Heinous' neck as he sputters. "Are you insulting me with talk of textiles?! This is a concrete stronghold cut into an isolated volcanic island. Do I look like I need rugs here?"

"Well, actually," says the Prime Minister, nodding hesitantly, "I wouldn't recommend the world's supply, but my wife indicates just a few would really tie the—"

"Persians!" shouts Professor Heinous. "Cats. Fluffy ones. That are soft and furry and go by names like Tiddles and Mister Whiskerton, and eat Fancy Feast out of crystal goblets. Persians, you fools! That I can talk to and pet and watch frolic after a feather on a stick. And which will never, ever leave me, largely because I will lock them in the Evil Compound and plus this is an island and they can't swim."

"Ah," said the Prime Minister of Japan, "'kay. Sure."

"And now for my second demand," says Professor Heinous. "I also expect to receive.... the world's supply of tinfoil, and all copies of the Sacramento Bee newspaper dating from 1982, February, back to 1960, July. I'm missing those copies for my collection and now that I rule the world, I'm thinking the time is right to really flesh it out."

The camera pans and we see that in most of the Evil Conference Room, there are stacks and stacks of hoarded yellow newspapers, piled high to the ceiling, many of them still in their original plastic wrappers.

"And don't send any of those Clean House people here when you drop them off. I hate that Niecy woman. She's obnoxious. I guarantee you, she will be the first to die."

So-- tell me, folks: what would you like to see a movie villain do that hasn't been done yet?


Anonymous said...

Maybe we have never seen this because there just aren't any really evil crazy cat ladies around? All the primary evil villains tend to be male...maybe we need just one evil villain with a crazy cat lady Mom or Grandma...

Sue H

Unknown said...

Sue- Heh, it is true that cat hoarding is usually a female thing, though other hoarding doesn't seem to be gender specific.

I like the standard Evil Supervillian having a crazy cat lady mother. Nice touch, Sue.

ReformingGeek said...

Purple yarn.

Bit O' Honeys

Paint brushes


Chris said...

I'd like to see a movie villain just blow away the hero without feeling the need to pontificate first, allowing for either a rescue or counter-attack. Batman villains are particularly guilty of this. One of the Austin Powers films does a great parody of this. "Just shoot him! I'll get my gun right now!"

"You just dont get it, Scotty, do you?"

Unknown said...

Reforming Geek- Heh, I started cracking up just picturing:

"I want one billion... Bit O'Honeys! Fresh ones, too. Not those ones from last Halloween people just shoved in a cabinet."

Chris- Ah, I love that scene. Actually, the whole Dr. Evil/Scott Evil dynamic is pretty hysterical.

In the Incredibles, they noted the evil doers penchant to pontificate as "monologuing." I thought that was pretty great, too.

Shieldmaiden96 said...

I'm in awe of that picture at the top of the post.

I remember watching the Bond film where the evil guy in the wheelchair got dropped into the smokestack and I thought, WHAT ABOUT HIS CAT?? It upset me.

screwdestiny said...

Niecy IS obnoxious!

I shudder at the thought of how quickly that entire island would become covered in cat hair.

Unknown said...

Shieldmaiden- Heh, I'm glad you like the picture. There's a James Bond marathon every Thanksgiving which my dad ends up making me watch. So I'm happy at least some good has come from having to see it. :)

ScrewDestiny- I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks Niecy's a little too much. I went Googling to make sure I was spelling her name right and there's a crazy amount of fan comments talking about how Clean House isn't any good without her, that she makes the show. Yipes.

Unknown said...

Ummmmmmmmmmm I think you have it covered! Everything else has been done.. with the exception of Reffies idea.

You should totally write that screenplay :) said...

I think the movie villain should destroy all the kitty litter in the world, making cats unfit for habitation with humans. They would all go feral, feeding on unsuspecting movie villains to get their revenge.