War with My Poor Confused Brain

Okay, so for my dear feed folks who I've undoubtedly confused terribly, the post that was originally here-- "The U.S. War Bonds with Popular Photography"-- has been moved to my thrifting blog here.

I hadn't actually meant to publish it on Cabbages, though there's certainly plenty of humor to be found in the post's 1940s World War II propaganda posters. So, for those inclined, I hope you'll go ahead and check it out.

And for those wondering what's the dealio with the hokey-pokey of post-shifting today, I guess my intentions were simply at war with my poor confused brain.

Thanks fer putting up with me in my less than shining moment of intellect.


Anonymous said...

I used to sell old magazines, advertisements, and newspapers when I was in high school. That might be one reason I ended up studying history. Yes, even banal and tasteless images raise questions and invite analysis.

By the way, did all these images come from the issue of Popular Photography that you show at the beginning of the post?

Anonymous said...

All I can say is Bravo ! Where did that kind of patriotism go in the last 60 years ?

That "Drive Slower in Hot Weather" cracks me up.
Even if I was around during that time, I'd have gone, "Are you kidding me ? Look at the small the windows of my car !"

So in short all these posters are saying, shop shop till Hitler drops ?

I believe we are being told the same thing again but this time help our economies.
We are our own wallet's enemies !

Unknown said...

Mark- Yup, it was all in one very-full edition of that magazine. And there's so much more to post-- some interesting home-spun photographs as well, some art photos, some color images (which was unusual for the time). I will probably be posting more from here at some point.

Jaffer- These posters (or at least many of the ephemera of the time) say "scrimp, save and cut back wherever you can each day, because every little thing you do to reduce your costs and donate to our troops is patriotic." It's almost the opposite philosophy, though the guilt tactics and pressures are in some way very similar to what we see today.

I find it really fascinating.

Anonymous said...

Where do i sign up?

i'm a sucker for advertising

new or old ....

Babs (Beetle) said...

Hmm... I think we had that, and more in the UK ;O) Very interesting!

Da Old Man said...

I love WWII propaganda. Have you ever seen the 3 Stooges propaganda films? They were awesome.
Because you posted this in the wrong place, does this mean we get another post coming?

Anonymous said...

You had a moment of intellect? Can I have one, too?

Oh, yeah .. and since when was it unpatriotic to break your arm? Do Idle hands still work for Hitler? Is he still alive and well and holding vast shares in the medical plaster industry?

Sorry. I have a sick sense of humour sometimes. I know.


Karen said...

Brain Fartolicious! I am so there. Actually, I'm still re-reading (over and over and over) your veggilicious post on the Giant Eagle Supermarket. How sad does my life have to be for me to become addicted to Salad Bar Porn!?!

Unknown said...

JD- I think you might have missed the original call to action-- by 40 years or so... Oh I KNOW-- I'm always late myself. :)

Babs- Yes, indeedy-- you all faced this sort of stuff, plus blimps and bombs and gasmasks and so much more.

Da Old Man- I might have a very long, long time ago, but after a while, stations ceased to run as many of the WWII comedies and cartoons. And yup, another post has come. I wouldn't leave ya hanging!

Jay- Yes, the arm breaking, I thought, was particularly funny. I think they just needed to rethink their metaphor a bit for that one.

Karen- Heh, vicarious salad bar lust... it strikes five of ten!