Medley of Vintage Funny

What you see here is a mirage. A figment of your imagination. No, I am not posting on Sunday. Because as I'd said last week, I am only posting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. But see, this is not a post. These are not the droids you're looking for. Go about your business...

Or, okay, well, maybe before you go about your business, check out these couple of links I'm going to share. Which are so not a part of a post.

See, these are just a couple of links I'm sharing because I think some of you folks might get a good laugh from them, yet probably not have made it over to my thrifting blog, figuring there wasn't anything of interest to you there.

See, the thing is, so many of my Thrift Shop Romantic posts are not thrifting really, in that they're just weird, funny old stuff and are mostly actually humor and...

And okay, right. I'll just shut up now and get to the links:

  • International Tour de Force with Breast o'Chicken. Did you know that Chinese cuisine traditionally used canned tuna? Or that the best French chefs use tuna for all their finest "o' Souffles" ? Or that Mexican dishes in the U.S., such as tacos, have been suppressing tuna advancement? Well, okay, they haven't really. But the Breast o' Chicken tuna people, from the 40s, sure have a unique take on the "aristocratic, fighting tuna." Get a laugh from these crazed and creative old recipes.
  • Guts and Glory from The Workbasket. Strap yourself into the Sacro-belt, go wrinkle-free with Hormonex and learn how to order your own personal monkey out of a catalog-- all through these funny vintage ads.

Thank you for your time. This was not an actual post you were reading.



Anonymous said...

You're never going to believe this, but it's true.

My mother DID tie my hands to the cot bars.

I had nightmares about it for years - not that I knew exactly what they were about, they were kind of abstract. Actually, I had them until my teens when a family friend admitted what Mum had done 'to stop me scratching my eczema'. After that, I realised what the horrific dream images were, had a little cry for my baby self ... and the nightmares stopped.

Does that make me an abused baby, I wonder?

Anonymous said...

After all the candy I ate, I need one of those compreso belts

or maybe I'll just go vomit.

Much easier choice.

heh heh

Dougist said...

That picture was taken just before the monkey bit the guys hand.

Unknown said...

Jay- Well, it sounds like her intentions were good, but there certainly had to be a less traumatizing way to deal with it. Of course, both my dad and my grandpa had that Depression Era "Kids crying is funny" mentality that's reflected in that book. Ah, childhood is never easy. :)

QuirkyLoon- There was a wide variety of products to deal with post-Halloween candy bulge-- I'm sure you could find the Compresso Belt to suit you. :) (I think I need one myself. And it would be so so handy for Thanksgiving!)

Doug- Yes, yes it was. Spider monkeys have sharp little teeth, too.

Da Old Man said...

I would like to complain to management. Your posting schedule is confusing to me. I have subscribed to both blogs, yet I get notified randomly. Some times it will be days later, and others not at all. This helter skelter pseudo system is making my head hurt, and I almost missed a non post post.
If I had an attorney you would hear from him or her to cease and desist or post more or... I'm really not sure, but my attorney would send you a really sarcastic letter and then call you and speak in a very shrill tone of voice.

I don't mean to be so harsh, but being your number one fan, I do have certain expectations. You'll hear from my lawyer as soon as I figure this all out. Not to frighten you or anything, but I am considering retaining the services of Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe.

Harumpf and good day, ma'am.

Unknown said...

Dear __Mr. Oldman__:

We the Management at __Of Cabbages and Kings__ appreciate your interest in this blog and value you as a regular reader. We work hard to provide a quality blog site, and take every one of the comments we receive regarding the site seriously, except for the ones we don't.

Current posting policies have been listed in previous blog posts, though Management is sometimes, due to creative need, prone to providing EVEN MORE exciting Cabbages material, beyond that posted schedule.

The issue you cite, ____not receiving notification of new posts in a timely fashion___ is due to ___a third party___ and Cabbages is thereby not responsible for the ____erratic subscription schedule____ you have been experiencing hereto and forthwith.

We at Cabbages will take according action by ___blaming Feedburner which has been glitchy lately___ and then will ___ continue on pretending everything is fine___.

Thank you for ___sharing your thoughts with us please don't sue___.

Jenn Thorson, CEO
Jane Austen, Asst. Bobblehead

Da Old Man said...

Dear Miss Jenn:
I am willing to settle out of blog court by proposing the following: when your book (which is causing me this undue stress) is published, I may purchase an autographed copy at regular price. I would also like a good recipe for canned tuna, and shrubbery.

Crotchety Old Man
C. Law offices of Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe, Esq.

Unknown said...

Dear Mr. C. Oldman,
Should publication ever occur, the author of this blog has agreed to swing a copy your way. The tuna recipe is currently available, and our staff is working on the shrubbery.

Jenn Thorson, CEO
Jane Austen, Asst. Bobblehead