Why Heroes Rarely Save the World Using Mass Transit

For your Friday enjoyment, I thought I'd share a little excerpt from my Tryfling Matters that I'd been working on:

Bertram arrived at the school a half hour early.  
This, he thought as he stepped off the bus, is why movie heroes don’t choose mass transit.  
Based on the schedule, he could have arrived now or an hour from now. Being late for a mission was inexcusable; being early ruined the vibe. 
He noticed the weight of his overcoat and patted the right pocket, making sure his handlaser was still turned off. If there were anything he’d learned from Rollie, it was that timing and outward control were everything. And burning a hole through your only suit jacket was a sure-fire way to throw off both.  

Hope you all have a stellar weekend! I will be spending it writing. (A real surprise, I'm sure. :) ) --Jenn