Cabbages' There Goes the Galaxy Book Giveaway Winners

Ah, the excitement! The drama! The... er... two small, furry creatures butting in front of the camera trying to get involved in every aspect of the event whether I want their help or not...

Such was the Of Cabbages and Kings blog drawing for copies of my new humorous sci-fi novel, There Goes the Galaxy!

Now, this was a highly-technical process. First I wrote the names of everyone who left a comment on the giveaway post on small slips of paper and placed them in a bowl. Then my whiskered companion, Harry, got in the way while I went to take a photo to prove I had done this. So I moved him out of the way. (Repeat ten times and ultimately give up, leaving the following...)
Lovely plumage.

And then we closed our eyes and drew the following two names:

Yes, congratulations to John and Shirley! You have each won a copy of There Goes the Galaxy. Please email me at jennthorson [at] earthlink [dot] net with your addresses and I will send you your book.

If the books remain unclaimed by noon of October 5, I'll redraw a new name, so someone else can receive the copy of the book.

Also note: the separate GoodReads giveaway has closed, too! I have to pop off and see who the winners are there. GoodReads notifies those winners directly and I will be shipping off those book copies today.

Lastly, for anyone still interested in purchasing a copy of the book for their very own selves-- either in paperback or ebook versions-- that can be done on Amazon by clicking here:

Thanks to everyone for participating. Honestly, you all-- with your kind support and enthusiasm-- have helped make the whole publishing process so much fun.


Vanessa said...

Kitty Whisker Plumage- book giveaway! Looks like I missed out on all the fun ;) !

Congratulations on your book- it looks AMAZING!

Unknown said...

Van- Sorry you weren't able to participate in this one; maybe next time! And thanks!

Miss Shirl said...

Yay! Me! :) The kitty whiskers are funny. For some reason it reminds me slightly of a walrus.

Unknown said...

Shirley- YAY you, for sure! They really are like walrus or sealion whiskers. And when I get a nose in the ear at night, it's very tickly.

Janene said...

Glad to see the giveaway went well. There sure were a lot of comments! Best of luck on your book and congrats to your two lucky readers.

meleah rebeccah said...

Oh yay! Congratulations to John and Shirley!