My Purring, Pointy-eared Dog

I apologize that I've been so e-silent here on the blog lately. In trying to get my one novel wrapped up for publication in September, and working on its follow-up, I do not have my bloggy mojo lately.

Bloggy mojo has been stolen. Possibly by the creature in the video that I'll share with you today.

Harry, you see, is a dog. No, no, I know what you are going to say-- there is this sort of Catness about him. But you're wrong. Appearances are deceiving. I tell you, he follows me around. He tries to bury things. And he plays Fetch... At least until his A.D.D. kicks in and he gets distracted...

I think he may have stolen my bloggy mojo. And that is unfortunate, because he probably buried it in his litter box where he put my tube of lipstick that time.


Question for today to my fellow bloggers: have you ever felt like your bloggy mojo was stolen, and what did you do about it?


Junk Drawer Kathy said...

Obviously, your mojo is under a kitchen cabinet. Harry's no dummy. He knows if he hides your mojo, then that means more fetch time for him. He IS such a good boy! And was that Alice I saw for a minute?

I've lost my mojo for almost the entire summer. Time to go look for it, I think. Harry? Do you have mine too?

j. littlejohn said...

lost my mojo, not sure how i ever got it back, i think i tricked myself into thinking it mattered

j. littlejohn said...

and congrats on the novel!

meleah rebeccah said...

"Have you ever felt like your bloggy mojo was stolen, and what did you do about it? "

Yes, I have felt like that, and more than once. I just wait until it comes back. Usually as soon as I stop obsessing about it.

Unknown said...

Kathy- It's very possible-- fetch is brought to me where-ever I am. I can see a plot to get more fetch time. And yes, that was Alice. She just watches Harry's antics with some amusement.

LittleJohn- Hey, thank you!