Wedding Bells and One Dingaling

I'm going to have an extra-special treat for my friend Kitty when she returns from her honeymoon, oh yes!

Yesterday, she and her long-time boyfriend-- we'll call him "The Dude"-- got married in a lovely little ceremony, and aside from the bride nearly blowing into the next county when the enthusiastic wind caught her train and turned her into a parasail, it was a great day.

I had been assigned the task of taking photos of some of the decorations they'd made. Kitty and The Dude had both spent a lot of time and effort pulling things together, and my friend just wasn't sure the photographer would get some of those more subtle elements. So, armed with my Canon Powershot, and a couple of sets of camera batteries, I agreed.

So, I turned up at the hotel for the recepton, prepared for my minor supporting role. And right there, out front of the row of ballrooms was the specific thing Kitty had asked that I photograph-- the table of seating place cards. It was a beautiful table, with perfectly printed name cards, evenly spaced with glimmering, shimmering tealights and red rose petals. Red, being the accent color of Kitty and The Dude's wedding.

And I was stoked. I mean, I made sure to get just the right angle... put the proper Indoor settings on, and stood back to make sure the shots came out. After a moment of review, I determined Kitty and The Dude would be pleased.

I was only MILDLY aware that I didn't recognize any of the names on the seating place cards. But this didn't seem especially strange, because I also only know the immediate members of the bride's and groom's families. Done with my first big task, I noticed another shrine-like display a few feet away that I decided might also merit a shot-- and as I went to check it out, then I realized there was a small issue...

Who the heck WAS that couple in the black-and-white Glamor Shot-styled framed 8 X 10 surrounded by rosebuds and dripping with streamers? It was certainly not Kitty and her husband.

Oh no, in fact-- Kitty and The Dude's wedding reception was being held in an obscure wing of the hotel even as I shutterbugged away. And upon entering that area, I immediately saw the familiar table themes Kitty had told me about, as well as a photo album of people who actually looked familiar.

So, when Kitty returns from Jamaica next week, I will show her the photos I took of her beautiful reception. But I think I'll start her out on the shots of Bif and Muffy McSappy's shindig.

I figure after a week in the tropics, her nerves should finally be able to take it.


At the end of any event, Humor-blogs is the one with the lampshade on its head, singing karaoke.


Da Old Man said...

That is hysterical. If you want to go one better, print out and stick in a frame one of the wrong photos as if it were an extra special gift for them.

Unknown said...

Joe- Oh WOW- that is a GREAT idea!!--- I'm laughing right now imagining this wrong photo in a very tasteful silvery frame. I think I actually am going to do this.

My friend is a really good sport, and she'll love the story behind it.

Once she stops trying to find a polite way to tell me I photographed the wrong table, that is.

You're my hero! Wonderfully devious.

crpitt said...


I love Joe's idea, I wish I had thought of it.

I am not at all surprised that off you we only get a sentence on the actual service :P

I am working on my wedding post now, its taking longer than I thought, as you know I struggle getting past the 300 word point :)

Unknown said...

Claire- yep, I'm totally going to go through with the idea.

The service was really nice, actually, but I didn't want to make the male readers of "Cabbages" yawn and complain that this was too much of a girly blog. :) I figure stupidity and self-embarrassment is less gender-specific! :)

I'll look forward to seeing your wedding post. I've been thinking of you, the wedding and your mom's new bionic powers and hoping all went well.

crpitt said...

I can't wait to hear about the photo reaction :)

Even the nice things in my life are filled with stupidity and self-embarrassment, heh.

Awww thanks for thinking of me and the mum :)

I should finish the post tonight sometime.

Unknown said...

Claire, see but you totally "get" the reason to embrace stupidity and self-embarrassment. That's why you'd be so fun to have a pint with! :)

Anonymous said...

You could have pretended to also be official photographer for Bif and Muffy McSappy's after-nuptual bash, thus ensuring double helpings of buffet food and champagne.

Unknown said...

Tiggy- You know, I just wasn't thinking it through!

Amusingly one of the servers at Muffy and Bif's, who saw me taking photos, was also one of the staff at Kitty and The Dude's wedding.

And I SUSPECT she questioned whether I wasn't trying to get double-portions... or whether I was a wedding guest of EITHER bash...


Greg said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Wedding're giving this catering director palpatations...though both displays are lovely.

I really thought this was going to be a tale about how the door opened and all the placecards blew onto the tea candles and no one ended up knowing where to sit or what meal they were to be served. Trust me, that it didn't happen, if the Bride almost blew away, is nothing shy of a miracle.

Okay, Greg. Deep'll all be just fine.

Greg said...

We had an uncle who used to leave the reception for members of our family to explore the other weddings in adjacent halls. He'd come back with tales of the fabulous spread the other couple were offering...or we'd wander by the open doorway and see him doing the handkerchief dance with some other Bride.

Don't ya love Family?

Unknown said...

Greg- as far as I know, and of course I'll know more when Kitty and The Dude get back, is that things went really really well. Aside from the wind that nearly sent her into Ohio.

Your uncle sounds like he'd make a fantastic movie character.

And it's believable when one knows how family is. :)

They really could have used a bit of signage at the hotel (or a map) to tell us where things were. That would have done the trick.