To Google, With Love

My Dearest Google:

Something’s come between us, and I thought we should clear the air.

I post, and you ignore me. I add my feeds, and you turn away, as if I’d never typed.

Your friends, in Webmaster Tools, claim my pages are indexed... but no traffic do I see. I fear I know the score; they’re just telling me what you’ve told them to say. What you think I want to hear.

And then I learned today, from an insightful friend, that you think I’m not good enough for you.

You think the archives of content, which were a labor of love so many years ago, you think they were… SCRAPED. Stolen. Some illicit business on the side.

But I tell ya, I’m misunderstood is all, Google! I’m the same gal you always knew. The gal who wrote regularly. Who always had something original. And even did her own photos so as to avoid any copyright issues. I haven’t changed!

It was a bum rap, see? It was all in the past. An old site with my content on it that just had never come down. A mistake. That content was mine for the taking, Google. Mine! Mine, I tell you!

So I’m trying to make it up to you, Google. I’ve gotten rid of the archives that made you so steamed. And I’ve gotten my old hosts to finally pull the dead site.

It was an honest mistake, you see. I’m not one of the baddies—the kind writers like me fight every day in this great big world of the web. I’m one of the good guys. And I hope I can earn your love once more.

Try and remember how much we've shared, dear Google. Why, we've even got two blogs together! So maybe you can see fit to send just a little traffic my way?

You may not realize it, but you really do need me, just a little. In a land of spammers and scammers, you need all the real content generators... the writers.... the ones who truly care... that you can get. So, please say we can work this out?

I’ll be waiting right here for ya, sweetie.


Well, at least Google loves Humor-blogs...


Anonymous said...

It's P.G. Wodehouse, hunny. Pelham Grenville Wodehouse. You really should change that.

Unknown said...

Why, thank you, darling! :) My mistake. It's been corrected.

Ah, at least when people bring up your type-os, you know they're reading!

crpitt said...

Did the love letter work? :)

Unknown said...

Heh, well, we can't say SPECIFICALLY... but I think more it was Umesh from BC who worked-- he gave me some tech advice which helped. My feed was messed up on my template. He ran some diagnostics on it. It seems to be indexing now.

Anonymous said...

Just give it time ;)

Unknown said...

Thanks, Valeriideas. :) I know, I need to be patient about it. But while I'm not getting traffic from it yet, things do seem to be working properly now. So I'm a lot happier.

Thanks for the kind reassurance, though. :)