The Final Showdown: Influ Enzo versus... well... Somebody

On Friday, when we last left the two-dimensional city of BurghTown, it was being taken over by that Sultan of Sickness... that Demon of Disease... BurghTown's Number One Crime Boss, Influ Enzo.

But where was BurghTown's B-level protector Back-up Girl, you ask?

Why, she had troubles of her own!

So Mayor Skippy sent his Deputy Mayor to the last resort-- the Last Resort Karaoke Bar and Grill, that is-- in search for some backup for the fallen backup super-heroine.
Superheroes love nothing better than half-off nachos day!

And that's when the Deputy Mayor came across the perfect choice for Back-up Girl's backup. Captain Cassette: BurghTown's former backup to the A-level heroes, circa 1984!

Captain Cassette might be warped a little here and stretched thin a bit there. But overall he's as in-shape and sharp as he was when his favorite band, Devo, was on the charts!

And once he hears about Influ Enzo's reign of terror-- and the nachos and Jell-O shots wear off -- he's ready take on this Viral Villain and whip him--

Whip him good.

But what's this?! Captain Cassette's Magnetic Strength is doing absolutely nothing in the face of Influ Enzo!

Could it be that, for treating an illness like Influ Enzo's, magnet therapy simply doesn't work?!

Great Polka-Dotted Pandemics!, whatever will BurghTown do now?

Well, it looks like it's time to call in the next choice of available heroes... Third Banana, Super Sidekick!...
The Deputy Mayor appeals to Third Banana for help. But Third Banana isn't so sure. Why didn't the town come to him first?

He knows martial arts! He's worked with heroes all his life! He even wrote his own theme song! Is it because humans tend to think monkeys are unreliable, is that it? Is it some deep and inherent Monkey Prejudice?

Well, fine. He says he'll do it. But BurghTown will see. You just can't monkey around with peoples' feelings.

And so he tracks down Influ Enzo, who is enjoying the view of BurghTown's newly smogged skyline. And the Simian Sidekick makes with the Chim Pan-Zee style martial arts!

But in spite of kick after kick-- it's just no banana. Influ Enzo will simply not stay down.

Can nothing and no one strike Influ Enzo where it hurts?!

Meanwhile, back at Back-up Girl's super-secret third floor headquarters on Main Street...

Back-up Girl has struggled out of bed and made a very important phone call. She knows only one hero can truly take down Influ Enzo and his gang.

It's just a matter of his trawler getting in range for mobile phone reception.

Yes, that's right-- it's Gorton, the Anti-Virus Fisherman! Gorton comes complete with an antivirus utility belt, AntiPhishing Fishing Rod, and plenty of containment bags to put an end to Influ Enzo's evil-doings.

When you have Influ Enzo, Gorton Anti-Virus is just the one you need to make it right!

Influ Enzo has been bagged and snagged...

Yet, as the pea-green virus begins to clear, the citizens of BurghTown see something unexpected in the sky...

Surely, Lady Liberty, BurghTown's A-list superhero hasn't finally found her Invisible SmartCar?

No! It's Back-Up Girl!...

She's perfectly 100% well again, and sporting a really interesting new non-copyright infringing makeover!

Back-up Girl, we hardly knew ya!

Yes, the City of BurghTown has been saved! All thanks to the hero who backed up the hero, who backed up the hero, who backed up the hero, who backed up ...

Gorton the Anti-Virus Fisherman...

Oh. And Back-up Girl.



JD at I Do Things said...

YAY, new non-PowerPuff . . . er, copyright-infringement BACKUP GIRL! She still looks familiar, tho.

And now I'm hungry for fish sticks.

Jenn Thorson said...

JD- Heh, yes, Gorton the Angling Anti-Virus Avenger is quite the catch! :)

Glad you like Backup Girl's new look. When I'd first started the idea, I hadn't expected to do more than one post about it!

chyna said...

How come Influ Enzo looks like Dom Delouise? ;) Hey no fair you slipped a backup backup character in on us. I love it and Burghstown is once again safe. And BG has a new twinkle in her eyes, her hair even looks more fabulous than before.

Jenn Thorson said...

Chyna- Heh, probably because I've watched him in "Robin Hood: Men In Tights" too many times. :) But somehow I imagine you might have already guessed that.

Backup Girl would appreciate the hair compliment. Reminds me, I need to schedule a haircut! :)

Drowsey Monkey said...

As a monkey representative myself - I'm just here to give props to the monkey kicks.

Don't think I've ever given props before. Not even entirely sure what props are - but all the kids are saying it.

Jenn Thorson said...

Drowsey- That Champion of Chimps will appreciate the props. Perhaps he and his hip monkey buddies-- y'know, Mickey and Davy, etc.-- will know what props are. :)

chyna said...

I kept visualizing him in that role but couldn't remember what movie it was. Funny!

Skye said...

Great job Jenn! I love the back-up to the back-up to the back-up...

jeez, that's a lot of back-up for Back-Up Girl :D

Jenn Thorson said...

Chyna- I somehow KNEW you'd seen it. You and I have a similar sense of humor when it comes to films, so I was pretty sure you were going there. :)

Skye- Ah, thank you! I don't do these little comics too often, since I think it perplexes a chunk of the regular readers. But it's fun to mix it up a little every now and then.