The First Presidential Mardi Gras Birthday Party

Presidents' Day meets Mardi Gras in unprecedented proximity this year, one of my friends observed with some enthusiasm. But while I understand he was merrily envisioning giant paper maché Lincoln and Washington heads leading the parade down Bourbon Street, I'm afraid I've had other visions.

Visions of ol' Honest Abe flashing what's under his shawl and stovepipe hat for beads...

"Four score and seven plastic necklaces ago, this forefather enjoyed his first Hurricane from Paddy O'Briens..."

...And images of our buddy George munching on a po' boy sandwich and trying not to lose his false teeth in an unfortunate Cajun shrimp slippage.

"I cannot tell a lie. Hoooooo-dawggeee, dis po'boy is deeee-licious, cher!"

I can just see them snickering at the "antiques" in the French Quarter...

"Ha, an 18th century desk for $15,000 dollars? They must have completely flipped their wigs!"

And going in to the Amazing Madame Zelda's House of Vague Fortunes and Fresh Crepes.

"I'm not sure what this means, Mr. Lincoln, but I'm getting this strong message that where ever we seat you today, we must make sure it's not a booth."

But most of all, I can see them enjoying what New Orleans is truly famous for (y'know, aside from voodoo, loose women and pickpockets) --

The music.

Which inspired me to write some lyrics just for them during this very special occasion. (I must add my most sincere apologies to Lionel Richie...)

So dear Prezes the time has come,
You wooden toofed and bearded ones,
To set aside the votes to be won
Let the music play on (play on, play on, play on...)
Filibusters rap and politicians dance
Don't lose yourself in gov-er-nance
It's the first Party
We ever agreed on together
Come on and sing along
It's the first Party
We ever agreed on together
Come on and sing along
All night long...

All night long (all night), All night (all night)
All night long (all night), All night (all night)
All night long (all night), All night (all night)
All night long! (all night), Ooh, yeah (all night)

Leaders dancing all in the street
Shiny buckles on their feet
Chop that tree, the cherries sweet
Let the music play on...(Play on, play on, play on...)
Be it democrat or republican
Join the dance, you know you can
It's the first Party
We ever agreed on together
Come on and sing along
It's the first Party
We ever agreed on together
Come on and sing along
All night long...

All night long (all night), oooh, (all night)
All night long (all night), yeaz, (all night)
All night long (all night), yeah, (all night)
All night long (all night)...(all night)

Yeah, this is one platform you can't vote down
Leap on the stage, it's the talk of the town
Nobody's taxed by their troubles today
Blackmail tomorrow, and oh, how you'll pay!

Pundit lobby spin de me-dya
Hey veto, veto
Way to party line is goin'
Oh, party line
Pundit lobby spin de me-dya
Yeah, veto, veto

Bipartisanship is neat (all night)
But just on Bourbon Street (all night)
All night long! (All night)
Yeah, I said, (All night)
Bipartisanship is neat (all night)
But just on Bourbon Street (all night
All night long! (All night)
Feel good! Teeth wood! (All night)
(All night to fade)

Happy Presidential Mardi Gras Birthday everybody! Tell me how you plan to celebrate this special occasion...

(Aside from now trying to get this song out of your head. HAAAAAAA....)


Charlene said...

Gosh - I hadn't really thought much about it. But your little ditty has got me in the mood. LOL! Party on! :-)

Jenn Thorson said...

Charlene- Heh, here, I'll pass you the jambalaya and beignets.

Jaffer said...

Even if Canada had a "PM's day" .... hmm hehehehehehehehe "PMS"


... we wouldn't celebrate because our Prime Minister does not want to go to work !
Yes, Canada is navigating the rough seas with their leader sleeping in the cabin.

Jenn Thorson said...

Jaffer- Maybe he's not lazy, he's just hibernating? :)

Jaffer said...

You are such an optimist :-)

Jenn Thorson said...

Jaffer- Our George W. had his ranch, yours has a cabin. Makes me think wooden outdoorsy domiciles are the real problem for our world leaders here. :)

Skye said...

No Jenn, the real problem for our leaders is that they are just empty suits out to do the bidding of certain others only, and not that of the countries they "rule".

As for this post, great job! Today is "Louis Riel" day, and no, I'm not doing anything to celebrate this day. They created it simply because February otherwise has no stat holiday for an extra day off work. Sad excuse if you ask me!

Jenn Thorson said...

Skye- Ah, you have what they, in the UK, call a "Bank Holiday." Only ol' Louis got the credit for it. :)

Only some of our businesses have Presidents Day off. It's like Columbus Day. It's one of those semi-holidays that only some of us get as a vacation.

Anonymous said...

Okay I tried to post a comment and it something happen and it didn't work. So I'm trying again. Hopefully it won't show up twice. I love your verison of Lionel Richie's song. But then I love the orignal song also. Yes, I am proud to admit I'm a Lionel Richie fan.
Today is also the start of the Chinese new year ( year of the tiger) and it is celebrated for a week. So there are a lot of parties going on right now. Not to mention that Valentine's day was yesterday. It's a busy week. I guess there are going to be a lot of people with huge hangovers by the weekend.
I don't celebrate president's day but do celebrate Chinese new year at least for one day. My husband is Chinese and his parents always makes lots of food and gives us some every year if we can't make it to thier house to eat some of it. I went to New Orleans once just to experience Mardi Gras. It was interesting but I don't think I need to do it again and haven't celebrated Mardi Gras since that trip. So Happy Valentine, President, Mardi Gras, Chinese New Year to you all!

Jenn Thorson said...

Susan- Oh, I'm jealous of your Chinese new year... the food alone sounds fab!! Let's salute George and Abe with a nice egg roll! :)

screwdestiny said...

Um, I'm going to flash my boyfriend? Haha, I don't know, I never really do anything for Mardi Gras. Maybe I'll make a King's Cake or whatever it was.

Lizzy and Elle said...

Great tune...

btw we took stuff

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

OK, but why was Washington eating Po Boys while hanging out with Cher (that's what he says)? Is she really that old?

Anonymous said...

I've seen more than a few posts with send ups of songs.

Yours actually made sense - a lot of sense!

Great post.