Stalking, Constipation, Pointy, Pointy Bras and More!

Because the mighty and all-powerful Deadline Gods in BurghTown deem it that great, highly-effective creative content must, of myself, be born and born possibly last week if not two weeks prior to actual assignment, I would like to direct your attention today to some humor posts from my other blog, The Thrift Shop Romantic.

(Translation: I am freaking out and thereby have no time to write anything here that won't make me cringe later, and you guys deserve so much better, so I am I cheating a bit.)

Anyway, to my groovy male readers-- I hope you'll summon your vast testosteroney courage and click at least one of the links. Don't worry-- it's not girly humor covered in frills and causing you to sing falsetto when you finish reading. There's all sorts of good stuff like stalking and constipation, and hitting kids with shoes, and pictures of terrifying retro foods that look like they'd already been eaten once.

How can you resist?

  • Visit the Funny Farm. Farmers who Walk Like an Egyptian? Boobs that could put an eye out? Tyrone Power trying to seduce you while smoking Camels in cartoon form? 1950s Farm Journal ads had it all! Check out the madness here.

  • Gently Needling 60s Fashion with Spinnerin Knits. The 60s drug culture seems to have extended to the photography, directing and modeling in what would have otherwise been a normal knitting instruction book. See the many faces of horror, Fatal Attraction brand stalking, the need for quality mood-balancing meds, and much unavoidable chafing. Click here.

  • The Road to Regularity. Not exactly one of Bob Hope's better known "Road To" musical comedies, we take a look at this 1930s Kellogg's booklet, which apparently has all the answers to finding "The Sunny Side of Life..." And all of which seem to include alleviating constipation. C'mon, you're curiosity's piqued, isn't it? It is. No, really. You know you wanna click here.

Wednesday, things should be back to normal again here at Cabbages. Or as abnormal as it usually is, anyway. Which is all we can hope for.



JD at I Do Things said...

Snerk. Even your "non-posts" are hilarious and well-written.

On my way to read about rice . . .

Jenn Thorson said...

JD- Hey, thank you so much. I've had a day that was sucko when it started and then doubled in ickification by noon.

I'm glad if I made anyone laugh today! It's 6:30 and I'm home and now I have to go off and do some more work I brought home.