Winners of the Cabbages Caption Contest

Well, the Management here at Of Cabbages and Kings is just so excited today to share with you the winners of our caption contest. First off, we would like to thank each of you super-duper caption-savvy participants for sharing your time and brainpower on our poodle-paddler picture.

We had some great entries, which is what made this so fun.

And because there were so many excellent entries, I decided I would open this up to a panel of expert judges so this would be entirely fair and unbiased. (Meaning, I begged two of my friends to judge, too. I owe them big-time now... Probably my firstborn child. Or at least, like, chocolate.)

Anyway, special thanks to Kitty and Scoobie for stepping up to the plate and digging in and toeing the line and putting some elbow grease into it, and other metaphors that roughly mean helping out. You gals rawk! (For Scoobie, who is an editor, that's "rock," by the way.)

So, now, let's get to the winners, shall we? Based on voting, we had one caption in particular that captured the judges hearts universally-- without the winner even resorting to violent threats or bribes, which is surprising as those are just the sorts of activities the author normally considers hobbies. And that caption is:

"Production cuts to the Baywatch budget were beginning to bite hard."

...From our friend Tiggy, of Tiggyblog! So congrats, Tiggy, for winning one of the tacky Florida souvenirs. You can see what you will be receiving here...

A fine Florida Keys paperweight with happy floating alligators in it! It's what you always wanted, right? Just in time for Christmas... Oh yes, Santa has come early for you, Miss Tiggy!

The second winner of the caption contest, with the second largest number of votes is:

"Row faster, woman! We've got a shark off starboard!"

...From Melanie of Tulip House. As Melanie has a tasteful pinkish-peach tulip in her avatar, I can only imagine how her excellent eye for design will be piqued by the fine Florida souvenir I will be sending her-- this Key Largo kitchen magnet filled with valuable slidey-aroundy treasure! (Magnet pictured here is not to scale.)

It has been lightly played-around-with by me to, er, test it for quality control. (It slides nicely... Also, so sparkly!) But I will merrily part with it because of her fine caption efforts.

Also of note were some Honorable Mentions who I would just like to mention honorably here. We had votes for:

Jaffer's entry...

"I see your jeans! Floating! Over there!"

And Rethoryke's entry:

"This was the last time Sarah was going to leave Fifi alone with the compass...."

So congrats to them for catching the eye of the judges, and thanks to every one of you for playing along. You are groovy, keen and nifty even!

For my two winners, if you would kindly send me your mailing address information at: thriftshopromantic at mac dot com then I can prep your packages and send your winnings off to you.

Thanks for making my very first caption contest such a success!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Tiggy and Melanie ! Your entries were truly of note ! :o)

I thought Tiggy was getting a tank of gators !
I had to re-read that next paragraph !

Jenn Thorson said...

Jaffer- Tiggy likes gators. In fact, as one of her posts suggests, she prefers them over cats, who hate her. So I see this working out very well! Okay, YES, the paperweight is 100% in bad taste. But it could be worse. I could be sending her a giant head of cabbage.

Babs (Beetle) said...

That was fun! Congratulations to the winners, and what fine prizes. I am envious ;O)

Tiggy said...

I won! That beautiful gator, um, thing, will be sure to enhance any room or closet I choose to display it in.

I'm crying actual tears! Happy and sad ones.

Da Old Man said...

Awesome captions, and a great contest. And the prizes far surpassed anything I have seen in similar contests.
Will this become a regular feature? I'm hoping so.

Jenn Thorson said...

Babs- Well, it worked out so well, I may have to do something like this in the future, to give folks another chance at OTHER GLAMOROUS tacky souvenirs.

Tiggy- Ah, one of our winners has arrived! Yes, floaty plastic gators are perfect with most decors-- Martha Stewart SWEARS by them...

...Or maybe just "AT" them. I can't remember which.

Da Old Man- I'm so sorry you were away and were unable to participate this go-round, but perhaps next time then. And yes, I think I may do this again the next time I'm away. (PS- I was enjoying more of my chocolate winnings from you last evening-- it just keeps on giving!!)

ReformingGeek said...

I like the way you showed us multiple winners and honorable mention. This was fun to read.

I guess my tacky souvenir storage box will have to fill up with tacky Christmas knick-knacks instead of Florida souvenirs. ;-)

Congrats to the winners!

The Hussy Housewife said...

Congrats to Twiggy. I didn't know you where taking pictures of me paddle boarding..she-ot!

Jenn Thorson said...

ReformingGeek- Well, there's always next time. Plus, Christmas Tacky is so "in" right now! Thanks for joining in and submitting-- it was so much appreciated to have everyone playing along.

Hussy Housewife- Heh, that statement along with your avatar's gesture got me laughing just now.

Melanie said...

I won! Cool! An email is on it's way to you Jen.

Actually, I haven't even had time to stop by here until this evening. My daughter texted me this morning and pointed out the fact that I'd won. I've sent her links to particularly funny posts, didn't know she followed that closely.

Anyway, thanks Jen, all that Florida color is a sight for sore eyes in this great frozen north!

Melanie said...

Oh, and I was going to say, LOVED Jaffer's entry!

Debbie said...

This was fun.....congratulations to the winners!


Jenn Thorson said...

Melanie- YAY! I'd left you a little note on your blog to let you know-- wasn't sure how else to get in touch with you-- but so glad your daughter passed the good word along!

Yes, Jaffer's a funny guy, isn't he? In fact, his latest blog post had me chuckling quite a bit.

Heya Debbie- I hope you'll play along the next time we do this as well. It was great to have you be a part of it!