The Of Cabbages and Kings Favorite Posts Revisited Cop-Out

Today, I thought it might be fun to take a look back at a few highlight posts in the early days of Of Cabbages and Kings... When humor blogging was fresh and new... When I was still fighting with Google to get indexed... And when my wide audience of regular readers were, um, Greg and Alice. (Thank you, Greg and Alice. You gave me the will to carry on.)

So here is a selection of my five favoritest but mostest under-readdest posts of the past:

  • The Untimely Death of Raggedy Ann. Was it murder? Manslaughter? Or just an accident? Find out how Raggedy Ann went in for a simple makeover procedure and ended up dead at the side of the road. Childhood in Jersey is rough. Click here.
  • Stealth Mom and the Mayonnaise Infiltration of 82. "It's for your own good." My mom was from a fine tradition of mothers determined to do what's good for their kids, whether the kids wanted it or not. Mom somehow thought she could build character by sneaking things like the dreaded mayo into my foods using determination and covert spy techniques. Click here.
  • Introducing Presidential Candidate Bitler. What happens if a presidential candidate has everything it takes to be a great US president -- except for a few unfortunate surface traits coincidentally reminiscent of a familiar German dictator? Find out.
  • The Great Glass Cat-napping of Cubicle Two. Before The Office and Office Space, folks like me were just starting out in cubicle hell. And how do you make grim office life a little more fun? Why, you kidnap your coworker's entire collection of glass cat figurines, and leave notes behind in their place. Better than a stapler in Jello! Read the whole story.
  • Magic Fingers Ma and the Quest for the Megablender. While the Olympics don't currently feature Skiballing as one of their competitive events, they should. Back in the 70s, my mother was an ace. Join my family on its retro-vacation quest to win Mom the be-all-end-all of ski-ball prizes-- the five-speed blender in Harvest Orange. Click here.
And before you go today, you also might get a laugh from the most recent post on my thrifting blog-- as the women in a 1940s Spry shortening cookbook are mysteriously... improved.... one by one from feisty city girls to happy housewives devoted to nothing other than obsessive cooking with Spry. Welcome to.... The Spryford Wives. Click here.

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Tiggy said...

Great, that's my afternoon taken up!

I remember the mayo tale, way back in the olden days when I first discovered your site... here's to many more posts!

Da Old Man said...

Thanks for the memories, Jenn. I first found your blog right around the ski-ball post, and was just too lazy to look at older ones. But you pointed out some great ones.
And the practical joke one at work gave me an idea for a joke I played at work. It wasn't quite as elaborately orchestrated, but made me LOL, and that's the purpose of such jokes.

Jenn Thorson said...

Tiggy- Hey, thanks a bunch! :)

Da Old Man- Nothing like a good practical joke to help make the workday more fun!

Anonymous said...

Looks like I have some reading to do.

More of us should do this.

Jenn Thorson said...

SinisterDan- I know a few bloggers have actual permanent Greatest Hits pages-- and the for two examples.

Let me know if ya try it and it works out for you!

Greg said...

Hey, isn't it a rule that you have to have enough episodes for syndication before you can do a Clip Show?

Jenn Thorson said...

Greg- 113 posts? That's, like, more than two seasons of quality Cabbages programming. :) It totally counts. PLUS, I haven't gone off on any writer's strike.