The Muppets' Sam the Eagle and Criminal Minds' Hotchner are Sick of Your Crap

This past week hasn't been particularly... funny... to me. High-stress: yes. Creative and light-hearted: not so much. This weekend, instead of writing fiction, I decided to productively use my time by curling up into a ball in my favorite chair and staring glazedly at a wall.

I do not regret this decision. :)

Anyway, while I was staring glazedly, I might have seen a few episodes of Criminal Minds pass by my eyeballs. And it occurred to me that if I were to make a Muppet version of this program, I would cast Sam the Eagle as Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner. I mean, look above: the eyebrows alone are perfect. The bags under the eyes... the steely gaze, the unyielding beak-- er, lips.

Which led me to then cast Scooter as Dr. Spencer Reid, and Miss Piggy as Penelope Garcia. The latter, mainly because I would enjoy seeing Piggy decked out with cat's eye glasses and lots of hair do-dads, answering the phone with things like, "Goddess of all knowledge: beseech of moi answers to your questions."

Anyway, I am hoping for more merry and less soul-sucking days ahead, with this coming weekend the goal of producing a few thousand more words on the third There Goes the Galaxy book, Tryfling Matters.

Hope you all are having yourselves a good week! --Jenn