Dusty Doodly Disasters, Googley Groupy Goodness and Snowy Sequestering

In my hand, I have a mixed bag of stuff to share-- sort of like when I help out at the grocery checkout and hastily stuff the eggs and leaky shampoo in the same bag as a crisp, sparkly greeting card.

I'll start with the informative stuff first. For any of you folks who are on GooglePlus, my There Goes the Galaxy series now has its own page:


Circle it there, and you'll get regular updates on book progress, general story and character discussions... whatever propels your Intergalactic Cruise Vessel.

Second item: I bet you're wondering what the heck that image is up at the top of the page. That is an illustration I'd tried to do about 15 years ago, by drawing with a mouse on my computer in a paint program. It was for a There Goes the Galaxy sequel book that was SO BAD-- ("How bad was it?")-- it was SO BAD it had to be stabbed, shot, hung, drawn, quartered and dragged behind a horse in little bits just to make sure it was dead.

BUT I figured some of you might enjoy getting to see my inept renderings of Bertram (featured in his borrowed Popeelie cloak), Xylith and Rollie. So happiness and purpose abide!

Lastly: given the crappy weather predicted to descend upon us this weekend, I plan to hide away working on the last book in the trilogy. The benefit to it being so cold even the SnowMiser buys a ticket to Miami is that I can actually get some fiction work done. (Read that as: "My cats can sit between me and the keyboard and edit me.")

What are you folks up to this weekend? Anything good?


Amber.O said...

I will also be staying inside and avoiding my husband's suggestions of skating and/or sledding as he calls it. I call it death trap with skis. Stay warm

Jenn Thorson said...

Amber O.- Yes, please don't liven up the weekend with any sort of physical injury! I'm not terribly coordinated, so it's safer for all if I remain far from slopes. :) You keep warm, too!

Timothy M. Coplin said...

I'm kicking back and listening to the wind howl through THE tree in my front yard, and to a PAIR of wind chimes which are strategically also placed in the front yard.

RE: the book-length url for your G+ TGTG page; have you considered utilizing www.goo.gl to obtain a dust cover length url that will enable you to track and monitor your page visits?

Jenn Thorson said...

Timothy- I have some chimes I want to hang outside in spring/summer, but the sound of chimes in winter just seems taunting to me. :) Hope you're able to kick back this weekend and keep warm.

I didn't know about www.goo.gl, I will have to check it out. I want to see if GooglePlus will provide the page a vanity URL once the page is verified by their system-- it was accepted today, and I hear it takes a few days from there for validation. Then, theoretically, (and it may be dependent on my having enough people Circling the page) I hope to get a shortened URL.

meleah rebeccah said...

Following on Google Plus, NOW!

"given the crappy weather predicted to descend upon us this weekend, I plan to hide away working on the last book in the trilogy."

yay! good for you!

Jenn Thorson said...

Got about 1300 words done so far. Need to think about how to approach my next scene! It's challenging when I'm not only making up characters but species. :)